Dream Prophecy or Subconscious Manifesting?

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Dreams: Astral Projections and Dream Prophecy

I am with the love of my life [lives?] due to dreams.

Sporadic dreams involving a man I’d never held a conversation with but had only seen. Dreams I would forget but then remember when I would see him again. Memories from the dreams would become implanted into my memory and so while ‘in dream’ and in love with him, it carried over into real life. I did not fall in love with him in my dreams; We ‘had already been’ and were in love. We walked on the beach, held hands, hugged, and had conversations in my dreams. In waking life, while I was already partnered, he too was partnered. These dreams made no sense and were a source of confusion and pain for me during my early sobriety. Keep reading for the story.

Dream Prophecy or Manifesting Reality

I do not embellish unless I am telling you I will embellish. :) I may use hyperbole but I make it clear when I am using hyperbole. This is also neither a metaphor or double talk. What this statement means is that were it not for my dreams I would not be living with the love of my life. Dreams and a series of events due to the dreams – perhaps prophecy – is why I am exactly where I am today. But all I can do is tell the story, which I will use to kick off another category entitled Dreams.

I have never told the entire story and now it’s time to tell it start to finish. It’s much of a tale, in the telling, but I implore you to believe it as I relay it, allowing your imagination to not enter into the picture. It’s fantastic enough without anyone’s romanticizing of it and although I have never heard anyone else’s similar story, perhaps were I to come forward with my declaration of how the spirit, dream, astral world can influence our physical world, just maybe others too would speak of theirs as well. I know I cannot be the only one.

Beginning of my OBE / Astral Projecting and Dream Prophecy

I have been astral projecting since about 1991. I remember the specific times I started floating (or more like hovering really) outside from my body. Back then, in the beginning, it was a dark and scary time for me to begin my astral exploration of worlds outside of this physical one. I knew it the first time I did it that I had no business doing it. Although I’ll not delve much into it here, but shall explore that in a later compendium, I will offer the background rather scantily.

Of course I did not know the terms for what was happening and today I may even mess the terms up. The terms are not important except for perhaps that others may find information on them but the terms to know are OBE [Out of Body Experiences], Astral Projecting [Coming out of my body and exploring supposed spirit worlds in the astral realm], Lucid Dreaming [Where we can control our dream state] and Dream Prophecy [the term I use to tell of my dreams that foretell an actual event that will come to pass]. I haven’t researched the difference but I think OBE, Astral, and Lucids are used by many quite interchangeably. Please do your own research if this is an important distinction for you to know now.

The result of my rocky start with Astral Projection, like the large 8 foot tall dark spirit at the foot of my bed that forced me back to my body in the beginning would have me not looking forward to doing that again. What I’d failed to understand at that point – but what I would later understand – is the spirit’s need to soar. As a consequence, I would soar almost quite involuntarily for the next ten years. Sometimes the experience would be fair and other times quite unwanted.

More Recent Astral Projecting and Dream Prophecy

During this time I would have dreams of future events and later – which means even recently – I would “dream” of parallel worlds in which the ones I loved would speak to me although dead in this world. It was all fun and games more or less. From the time I prayed as if my life depended on it that God would have me stop projecting – and I did – to when I prayed that I could handle it again and to allow me – and again, I did. And I cannot help but to remember with a smile when my self-imposed restriction had been lifted. This is quite a “dream” and I would like to share it now.

For maybe about a year of not projecting due to horrible demons [astral as well as metaphorical] – as it was when I was drinking and in increasing alcoholism that I’d asked God to not let me project – God had to stop it because I couldn’t. So when I got sober and had dealt [and was dealing with] with my ‘internal demons’ I intuitively knew that I could project again without negative consequences. Again, I turned to God. So as I went to sleep one night [and remember I’d not done this in quite a while] I tried to get up for some reason I can’t remember now. I couldn’t get up! [Clue #1 we’re in an OBE though I didn’t know at the time.]

So I put everything into it and then again and again… and then I had a plan. I would relax and drain myself of all my energy and then I would quickly bring all my energy back into my body and, with the help of the mattress and inertia, I would roll over to the left, thereby releasing the right side of my body. [Sounds complicated for a little “dream” doesn’t it?] I did it and then I rolled to the left – and kept rolling – with such force I fell to the hardwood floor beneath the bed on the other side of the King mattress. I remember clearly looking at the floor as I used my arms to prop myself up. I got up and got on the bed with a desire to jump on the bed. So I did. First I jumped up and through the ceiling. Then I “double jumped” and ended up in the galaxy looking at the earth. I went on an adventure after that, which is when I realized I had “left my body.”

My Path: Predetermined by a Dream?

A few months after I began working on my “drinking alcohol problem” in 2003 I would have met several people in a 12 step program. This one particular guy I began having dreams about. The dreams had become so relentless that I was convinced I was in love with him in the waking world. What strikes me as funny – and what he won’t appreciate reading – is that before I began the dreams of him I looked at him as just another guy I’d met. I’d met many people and he was just another one but when the dreams began…Oh goodness. 

I’d have very non-sensationalized dreams of talking with him. We’d hug in our dreams. We’d lay on the bed and talk in my dreams. It was all so very normal and I’d dream these things and wake up to find myself in love with him as I had felt in my dream.

I’d gotten sober January 4, 2003 and even today I can find the 4th step my sponsor advised I take on this man. It’s dated September 2003. She suggested I make a list of the qualities I liked in him. Because I was such a “newcomer” to the 12 step world and “not drinking” that she realized that my “love” for him may have had something to do with the “hole in my soul” that so many newcomers seem to experience when they come in. I’d expressed problems with my love for him. I avoided meetings he attended. I walked away when he walked near. “I have to avoid him.” and “He tried to say ‘Hi’ and I dorked out.” and “What is wrong with me?” and the oddest was when I said to my sponsor:

“One day I hope he and I can be friends. Maybe we’ll be having lunch one day and I’ll be able to tell him that there was a time I thought I was in love with him. And we’ll laugh about it.”

Sixteen months later, this man and I would have lunch for the first time we would ever spend time together in the real world and my past words came back to me.

But Reality Looked Contradictory

With almost cutting everything out I could in order to not go around this man, it was January of 2005, when it all came to a head. Up until this point I had deduced that the only time my life went chaotic was when I had dreams about him. I would wake up and feel really good inside but then look at my life and my husband and wonder… There was even a time I had confided in a friend about my problem of “dreams versus awake” and she actively tried to be a little minxful cupid! This man was married. I was now married and everything in me screamed, “No.” The only time I had figured out when I dreamed about him was when I glanced him at a meeting or exchanged pleasantries. So, I stopped as best I could. He was very friendly though and so it was hard to avoid him. [Later he would say he thought I intensely disliked him since I seemed to walk away when he approached. I would also hug other people but not him. Had he only known at the time!]

So when it was announced that August 01, 2003 a child was born from his marriage, well if that wasn’t a solid, “Walk away. Walk away slowly and make no sudden moves” I don’t know what was. I had absolutely no interest in a married man, much less a man and his wife with a new baby. At this point it was easier to stay away and as long as I stayed away I wouldn’t have the dreams. If I didn’t have the dreams I wouldn’t become obsessed. My sponsor had even asked, “Where’s his wife and baby in your dreams?” I answered matter of factly, “They’re not in them.”

Fate Kept Stepping In Despite My Determination

So in January 2005, five months after my own marriage, I was at a friend’s helping him move apartments.

To this day I don’t know why it was that at last minute I decided to help but I did. I remember not having plans to be moving anything on a Saturday morning but there I was. It just oddly seemed the thing to do. And ‘he’ was there. I remember feeling a great deal of shock having no idea he’d have been there. After probably months of abstinence from dreams and feeling okay in my life, I would have another dream that afternoon after helping our friend move. There I was, in love with him again, or we can call it what it really was, “tortured again.”

Because by January 2005 we were now serving on a Board of Directors together, with his being President and my being Secretary, it seemed we had more legitimate reasons to talk outside of our regular meetings and particularly one on one. So when we were at our friends’ helping him move he asked me something Board related and then we had to communicate via email…and it would be later in January we’d be at lunch in public discussing philosophy – with my prior words coming back into my mind –  and nothing even remotely connected with our mutual work. At this point I was still trying hard to keep him in the realm of “friend” sincerely hoping we could become friends which we did.

I would not tell him about my dreams until several weeks after he declared his love for me.

The Good, the Bad, or a “Neutral” Universal Energy

Dreams are a fascination to me and have been since the beginning of my astral projections. I have many more stories involving my dreams, OBE’s, and even the entrance of parallel universe’s have occurred. As I said before, I know I cannot be alone. Dreams and what happens, why we have them, and why really are “for” still remains a great mystery.

  • Was it God putting love in my heart during my dream state which affected my waking state?
  • Was it “the devil” attempting a chaotic state in my life which occurred well within the year my beloved and I would forge?
  • Did my beloved and I have past lives together as a hypnogogic expression had me believe once?
  • Did my dreams cause it or was it pre-destined and prophesied through my dreams?
  • Were there any other messages I may have missed?

I still can’t figure out if I put the process in motion due to the dreams or if the dreams were just telling the future that would have happened naturally.Years later after coming back to edit this post, I am still unsure and it’s still baffling.

Maybe somebody can help me with that.

Edited: October 11, 2013

Update: Almost 6 years since I wrote this and although I am still confused as to precisely what was happening during those dreams – whether it was dream prophecy or a subconscious manifesting or a law of attraction metaphysical something or other –  we are still soulmated and are very happy. And to this day, I still dream about him. I think some are past lives intermingled with our respective karmas and some are just normal dreams with his face in them. It may be worthy to note that I’ve never dreamed of one person more than my beloved.



  • mind-mart.com said:

    Very enlightening post. I find that sometimes my dreams do affect my emotional state. After reading about your experiences, I’m thinking they have more of an effect that I realized.

  • samsara (author) said:

    Thanks for commenting. I hope to explore if this is what happens indeed! I have grown tired of pretending that I’m not a dreaming spirit. I am. :-)

  • samsara (author) said:

    I am confused, frustrated, and tortured by this dream wondering what it is suppose to mean. I have even had a couple of them where I cheated on my husband with this old boyfriend. It terrifies me because i will be miserable before I would ever cheat.

    Welcome to the world of dreams. :\

    This is so frustrating I know.

    Even today I have doubts about following my dream state because – in my wake – I left behind sadness and misery. AND, moving forward, I still have regrets, Melinda.

    I really do.

    My friend and I have discussed this phenomenon in the Dream Forum on Stumble at length and we’re trying to get to the bottom of it.

    Exploring questions such as…Is it JUST to tell us the future? Is it from a past life but with recognizable characters of today? Are we dreaming of an alternate reality? SHOULD we follow the dream on purpose or is it telling us to be wary?

    It’s a damned proposition but rest assured when I get the answers I am going to delve into them and write about them.

    I hope you do the same.

    In the meantime I am so sorry for your situation and wish I had more answers rather than questions [of my own still].

    As for mine, although real in the dream I knew it could *never* come to pass because he was married and had just become a parent – as well as I having a great life with MY current partner! So much for that. It just didn’t stop it. Which makes me wonder, was the dream strictly prophetic. See? More questions.

  • fernando said:

    when positive, dreams are path to take. negative ones? a path to avoid.

  • Tiffany said:

    I do believe it is possible for such things to happen (my own friend had a recurring dream of a guy giving her a note, then on a day when he was wearing the same clothes in her dream he began to head for her lunch table. She ran for it. One of my other friends said he looked like he had a piece of paper in his hand. Coincidence? maybe or perhaps she like yourself had a dream which gave he the clear path of the future (though she never did get the note)) though for myself it hasn’t been a ‘romantic’ type of future I see, rather small bits that would happen later (in a few hours or several years). Sometimes I will wake from a deep sleep feeling worse than I had before (like I’d never slept) or even feel the need to start crying due to the vivid dream.

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