Ecclesiastical Christianity vs Jesus of Nazareth : Part 1/2

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Ecclesiastical Christianity versus Jesus of NazarethWas Jesus of Nazareth resurrected? Did this man, arguably the most important and influential man in history, come back after death? Or are millions of denominationally inclined Christians having the faith and hoping this was true? If true – and some would say that’s a big if – would this mean he was God? Or more importantly to me, if false and Jesus had not been resurrected from the dead, would he still have been the inadvertent father of ecclesiastical Christianity? Yes. I said inadvertent.

I want to believe that there was a man who was able to conquer death. I want to believe there really is a God who manifested himself on Earth in order to show us how to save ourselves. I want to believe that this man was the Christ that the Old Testament prognosticated. I want to believe this. Because if I believe this, and believe his teachings to be true, then I, too, can overcome my tortured humanity. This is the most simple message I can bring to the table tonight on Easter evening.

I seem to get confused though. My beloved’s parents are Catholic. They relayed a touching scene at Friday’s Mass where the Priest prostrated himself in front of the symbolically dead Christ.

Jesus and Ecclesiasticism

I was nearly brought to tears by their sharing this scene. I was brought to such emotion not by the thought that this man was resurrected from his tomb, but by the thought that ecclesiastical Christianity has so liberally thwarted the message of Jesus the Christ.

Bible presented from an eternal friend on this date three years agoOf all days, today. Today I didn’t want to do a Critical Introduction into the New Testament – which I was almost tempted to do. This afternoon, being determined to put forth almost a sermon on Jesus – and the true nature of his life as I feel/see it to be – I equipped myself with my favorite Catholic Youth Bible, my Critical Introduction Of the New Testament from my collegiate scholarship and Emmet Fox’s Sermon on the Mount. I was determined to cross reference myself to death. But I didn’t.

I often study from this particular Bible and flipped it to the first page, unknowing the particulars of why. And there it was. The message of hope and love that Jesus has led, taught, and brought to me – without benefit of ecclesiastical befuddling.

Recently I’ve been talking a great deal of synchronicity, karmic patterns, repetition, and the metaphysical manifestations of these concepts. I wanted to share this today, of all days, that when my friend presented this Bible to me it was April 08, 2004 – the date of this post 3 years earlier. [3 has always been my magical number; 3 minutes, 3 hours, 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 years, etc.] This was a Thursday and she was having a garage sale. This date will never mean anything to anyone but me, but that it was also the same day she gifted a crucifix I wanted that now hangs above my bed. This crucifix reminds me that Jesus did not die for my sins; He did not die on behalf of me; but died because of the sins of people in power.

Synchronicities mean something to me. Metaphysical manifestations of whatever it speaks to inside of me. If I checked any of my journals on past April 08th’s I may find more significance but I am not founding this philosophy. Dates, cyclic patternings, as well as karmic repetitions are common for the seeker. Synchronicities mean something only to the one in the experience. I can share it with a friend and she might look at me like “It’s not like that at all.” But my Spirit knows. It does that little, “Aha!” So do not be disenchanted if you see and feel synchronicities all over yourself yet no one believes you. Someone will. You need to meet another HSP or Spiritual Seeker and she will believe you. :)

Sermon on the Mount

Jesus and the Spiritual Key

Emmet Fox - Sermon on the MountPeople killed this man because he taught the Spiritual Key that most people still have yet to grasp. They won’t grasp it because they are too busy listening to a minister, a priest, or a doctrine that Jesus himself had nothing to do with. And instead of searching out their own salvation with fear and trembling they rely on the words of another authority – other than their own Christ Truth – to tell them how to precisely go about doing it.

Council of Nicea 325 A.D. Simplified. Some men got together and made decisions regarding who Jesus was. They would adopt these beliefs for the whole of Christendom. “The purpose of the council was to resolve disagreements in the Church of Alexandria over the nature of Jesus in relationship to the Father; in particular, whether Jesus was of the same substance as God the Father or merely of similar substance.”

Studying the teachings of Jesus, particularly his Sermon on the Mount, and coming at it from a position of metaphysical assumption via Emmet Fox’s Sermon on the Mount, because that’s how it makes sense to me, I can’t help but wonder why this view doesn’t seem to come naturally for some others. It does not make sense to me that people have gotten together to tell me how I need to form my beliefs in order for me to be spiritually free.

Metaphysics: 1. The theoretical philosophy of being and knowing. 2. The philosophy of mind.

But First. A Logos from My Angst.

If I believe I was created in God’s image, then it does not make sense to me I need to rely on the fallibility of super-ego’s in power; those people who are not me. It also does not make sense to me the many other denominational views that seem to directly oppose each other yet are still under the umbrella calling itself Christianity. What all of these denominations, however, will have in common is to say that “Christians will be the only ones going to Heaven.” And with the assumptive definition of Christian being one who believes in certain tenants set forth by the Apostles’ Creed.

Branches, Denominations, and Divisiveness = Christian?

Now when I say it doesn’t make sense, I mean to say that my Spirit screams against it. Do you know that there still exist people in this information internet super-highway age who still think the canonized Bible is the only Word of God and that anything else is a tool of “Satan?” And even among Protestants, who say they are Christians, I have heard more condemnation of Catholics, who say they are Christians. How splintering is this?

A coincidence that the word denomination almost looks like demonination…?

I went innocently into the Christian Bookstore. Now, granted, I live in a traditionally Protestant part of the geographical United States. So what was I thinking but that I needed tabs for my Bible. I would be participating in a non-denominational Bible Study by the fabulous Beth Moore – who yes, is a particular denomination but she’s quite radical for her denomination and she’s just so beautiful and inspiring. I have digressed. Sorry. About to get to the tabs finally and I see a shelf entitled “Occult.”

Underneath the Occult title along and amid different books on condemning Psychics and Fortune Tellers and Metaphysical Wonderings, along with Spiritualism [talking to the Dead] and Divination, there it was: Catholicism and ways to save your Catholic [occult] from burning in hell.  Table of Differences.

If this confuses you as much as it confuses me I can share how I solved my problem and it was an easy one to solve. I gave up. I surrendered. I surrendered in trying to force an alignment of my Spirit with different theologies. I finally just breathed a sigh of relief when I had it discovered that I needn’t do that at all.

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