Happy New Moment of Now (2013)

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Happy New Moment of Now - Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013

I hugged a woman I’d never met before in line today at the store.

She looked up from the cart she was unloading and smiled at me; A great big loving and vibrant smile! She said,”I saw your eyebrows go up! Hello!” I replied, “Oh they do have a tendency to do that when I notice my people.” And away we went! We spoke of the Spirit over the Physical and about how we see each other and others. I told her about the Highly Sensitive (Spiritual) Person who seems to seek ‘the others’ out and how I play a game when I go out to see how many I can find. And she is telling me how God is something else and how exciting it all is.

The Power of NowShe couldn’t believe how fast friends we had become in those 4 minutes [as she is still putting her groceries on the conveyer] seeing as how we’d never met. “Oh we’ve never met in our bodies maybe…” And she started laughing and said, “You’re right! But our Spirit has others ideas doesn’t it?” It was fair to say she was another Light. I even shared with her what I heard Eckhart Tolle say about how he can go to the store and ‘see others’ and he even made a joke about how he has to put his sunglasses back on. There is something to metaphysical recognition isn’t there?

She paid and was readying to leave with her child (who had Down’s Syndrome and of course she’d be blessed with such a special child! Naturally!) and I said just as matter of factly in front of every person who knew we’d just met, “Well, come give me a hug.” And we hugged and I told her I loved her and she told me she loved me and away she went.

As if I weren’t blessed enough in seeing another kindred HSP, the cashier starts off sheepishly, “I try so hard to not be nosy…” I smiled at her and replied as I now am putting my groceries on the conveyer, “Oh I gave up trying not to be nosy a long time ago.” She is scanning my groceries as she still again shyly replies, “I want to know but I’m trying so hard not to ask…” Oh I could tell she needed to know something ferociously so as I’m still with my head bobbing up and down getting items onto the belt, I tried my best to sound inviting as I smiled and looked at her again and said, “That’s what we have mouths for, so go ahead; Ask!” My normal mind-reading was on hiatus as I was not only trying to rapidly unload my cart but also still in afterglow of meeting the Light Woman minutes prior or I would have been able to have my mind clarify for me what Cashier wanted to know.

“What were you two talking about?” she shyly and quietly asked. And so I told her.

And so she beamed and lit up herself.



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