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What it Means to be HSP

Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Different for the HSPA Highly Sensitive Person is a subjective term for a person who, generally speaking, is “Sensitive.” Not necessarily sensitive as it relates to ‘feelings’ but in my experience, when an HSP has not been actualized this can be an issue or a side effect.

No. When I say “Sensitive” I don’t mean necessarily emotionally, mentally, or physically “delicate” – though this can be arguable in some cases but that’s a different story. When I use the term HSP, I particularly mean spiritually, mentally, or emotionally attuned to things outside of the ‘normal realm of consciousness’ that most of the world’s people reside in.

Sensitive does not mean Delicate in this Context

The “being delicate” aspect of the Sensitive is arguable to the degree that we may feel overwhelmed by things that (for lack of a better term) “earth people” are not necessarily overwhelmed by. I want to stress that I do not like to call it “delicate” any more than I would call an over-clocked computer delicate. Others may see us as delicate or fragile or moody or temperamental at times because they have no idea what is going on with the Sensitive – and why should they or even more to the issue, how could they? Particularly since HSP’s rarely have a term or label for themselves to ‘wear’ – much less understand.

Sensitive Means Heightened in this Context

Highly Sensitive People tend to be more sensitive to electricity, sounds, smells, “waves in the air that others can’t see,” other people’s moods, emotions, and extra-sensory or paranormal conditions (6th and 7th senses) that even the Sensitive may not be able to explain or understand.

As far as operating in this physical realm, I, myself, have trouble with acute hearing. I hear everything. As a result, though it seems I am deaf when I watch TV, I am not. I need it to be louder so I can focus on it and drown other unwanted [feelings, noise, emotional, mental, paranormal] intrusion out.

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Labels of the HSP

HSP is the acronym for Highly Sensitive Person. I also use it interchangeably with Highly Spiritual Person or High Sensing Person or Highly Sensory Person. It matters not, what one calls it you see, as long as the former alienated HSP understands s/he is no longer alone. That there are others. In this way, the former alienated human being will realize s/he is not a freak, an abnormal [in the derogatory sense of the word], or probably the worst label we can put on ourselves, crazy.

HSP Communication by Samsara

Crazy, Insane, Freak, Abnormal

What is Wrong with You?

You are not crazy or insane. Freak and abnormal, maybe.  No one of any great note in history has been considered normal; If they were, they’d not be of note.

You may feel insane or crazy. But since this is an HSP introduction, I do want to assure you with the thought that when ‘earth people’ The INFP HSP Personality Info Animationor ‘normal people’ [probably those you tried fitting in with] were one way and you tried to match your externals to theirs only to maybe not pull it off so great, I bet you did feel crazy. I know I did. [ Enter alcohol.]

At this point I’d like to offer food for thought that has been attributed to Einstein – though I can find no source of it. And it doesn’t matter who said it because there’s a deeper truth in its meaning than the brain activity or the popularity of the one who said it:

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Every HSP is above the mathematical mean of normalcy. But if we judge ourselves by our ability to relate ‘normally’ to ‘normal people,’ we will spend our whole life believing we’re somehow less than ‘good’ or ‘okay’, because we equate normalcy with ‘good’ or ‘okay.’

Normalcy is not good. Normalcy is normalcy.

HSP IS good ~ and yes I am biased ~ when we understand that these gifts of ‘more than 5 senses’ are gifts and not curses. And the way we understand that is self-actualization which, for me, began when I discovered there was a term for what I was and that I was not alone.

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In addition to maybe even being physically ‘5 sense’ Sensitive, the HSP has an inarguable special light. They are intuitives, empaths, introverts, creatives, spiritual seekers, lightworkers, peacemakers. Some have termed them Indigo.

The label does not matter. So the HSP has dreams of prophecy or knows what’s coming before others, or sees and feels what most others cannot. Ask an unactualized HSP if this is good news and s/he will say No. S/He would give anything to be ‘normal.’ And this is what I am here for; To help the HSP recognize s/he is HSP and transmute it from the seeming curse into the intended gift.

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