HSP Books for the Highly Sensitive Person


HSP Books – Varying Degrees of Highly Sensitive Actualization or Experience

HSP Books for Highly Sensitive PeopleJust because a book has “Highly Sensitive” in the title does not mean that is the end of the story. HSP books or information come in all sorts of forms and titles because being Highly Sensitive is not a tidy package like eye color. Being a Highly Sensitive People encompasses many personality or experiential attributes of our collective experience.  I have been wanting to say that for a while. So once you have the term understood (ie, “I have a sensitive nervous system.”) Is that all or is there more?

Books with “Highly Sensitive Person” in the title

Elaine Aron is where I first discovered the term “Highly Sensitive Person.” I do not believe that terms explain anything but are only handy when looking for information and in starting out understanding a new label or taxonomy. However, if you allow the label of Highly Sensitive Person to box you into information only classified as such, you will miss the deeper gifts of what it means to be HSP. If you HAVE discovered that the HSP term applies to you, I invite you to go deeper: What does it mean – in your experience – to be HSP? How can realization of this aspect benefit your life?

  • Gary Zukav in “Seat of the Soul,” for example, references the term “Multisensory.”
  • Gangaji will speak on people who are just not satisfied in life and understand it to be something deeper.
  • In Sermon on the Mount, Emmett Fox shares how our inner world dictates our outer one.

HSP – Recovery from Alcoholism and Codependency

My own experience suggests that Alcoholics are generally Highly Sensitive and welcome the respite of numbness that alcohol can provide. Codependent patterns can also be formed from Highly Sensitive People in a world that does not value our unique or off-beat qualities or easily allow us to be ourselves. And then there are the Codie Patterns that underlie the Highly Sensitive Alcoholics. So there’s a knot of Vasanas to unravel right there!

Metaphysical, Paranormal, or Multisensory Books for the HSP

“Sensitive” or “Empathic,” from the Multisensory aspect, might be okay.  Some use the term, “Intuitive.” I use HSP usually. I hardly never use “Psychic” since it conjures up quackery & fraud. As loathe as the term is to the scientific mind – which my Mind is – my experience suggests it as well as studies. The Paranormal or Supernatural IS of a particular HSP experience. This is nothing more but terms for the ‘unexplained yet’ phenomenon that Non-Sensitives aren’t always aware of, can understand, or currently believe.

In the Amazon Store, I have categorized the HSP books for all interests and levels, hopefully making it simple.