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Highly Sensitive Person Qualities

Extrasensory or Paranormal Experiences

Let me start by saying that I do not know if this is every HSP. I do not know if every person who considers themselves HSP has had extrasensory or paranormal or mystical experiences. This is a complex issue to say the least. It’s akin – going back to the IQ Test example – to asking someone if having a 140 IQ enabled them to enjoy math more than the person with an 80 IQ. First, we would have to understand what having a 140 IQ symbolized or meant. Then we would have to study and interview a sample of the population within the entire range of IQ’s…

Basic HSP Difficulties in Society

Present Challenges Delving into the Paranormal Arena

Highly Sensitive People may have spontaneous astral projectionsBut it’s more difficult with the HSP because it’s not like we’re born purple. It’s not as if they test us upon entering school. We look the same as everyone else and can speak and have eyes and ears. Take that and compound it with our social messages.:”Don’t be so sensitive” and “Don’t talk about your feelings” and “Get over it” and “Fit in” and “Keep up with the Jones'” and “Good boys do this” and “Good girls don’t do that.” Then add to that our external stimulation of the current age and everything in the world that keeps even “normal” people in escape mode: Ipods, internet, alcohol, drugs, sugar, causes, activism, religion, anger, securing a mate, securing a family, procuring a divorce, paying the bills, working 50 hours a week, travel, video games… So even the “normal people” are numbing out in the world. How in the world will we – as HSP’s – ever come into our own understanding? Much less when we add terms like “paranormal” or “extrasensory” into the mix?

I had been recalcitrant in addressing these other “paranormal” qualities when I first set out to shine a light on the HSP  because though I have had seemingly extreme, repetitive, paranormal occurrences in my life, and because expressing paranormal experiences as a matter of fact is still taboo in “earth circles” and “normal” company, I did not know – and still do not – if this is an HSP trait or something else. (Of course when you read further and get to the next page, I will have even more of a surprise that lends legitimacy to my own research and studies! But don’t rush it. Read this first. Absorb. :))

Highly Sensitive Person might see demons in the astral realm like I didIn conversations with other HSP’s one on one, it continually becomes addressed that they, too, have had extra-normal occurrences happen and some have even resorted to treating them as part of regular life.  think this acceptance is in large part due to how readily they have known they were different or how early the paranormal occurrences began occurring for them. Perhaps these same people had never heard the term HSP or Highly Sensitive Person but after exposure to me, inevitably I will get that look or get that statement, “Oh! So that’s what I am.”

I will reprint my list from, “Seeing the Paranormal in Everyday” (2007) here.  I wrote this  before I decided to make the Highly Sensitive Person the focal point of my website so some things may sound redundant at this point. I will change this list – on this page – as necessary, to be in keeping with my own experiences, new terms, etc, but the original post will stand as testament to where I was at the time. :)

Highly Sensing Person

HSP: An acronym for the Highly Sensitive Person, or Highly Sensing Person or  High Sensory Person or Highly Spiritual Person or whatever feels comfortable for you. The term or label – as always – is not as important as what it means, for purposes of self-realization. In addition to maybe being Sensitive to the typical ‘5 sense world’ of our own personal & physical biology like touch, noise, tastes, smells, and sounds, there are other Senses the HSP has.

We’ve all heard about the 6th sense that we might call ExtraSensory Perception or ESP.  HSP’s are empathic, intuitive, feeling people – whether they know it by this term of not. We pick up feelings, energy, thoughts of our world around us that others might not understand because there has been no ‘5 sense’ stimuli in order to give them the same message. I think most people are 6th sense oriented and it’s just the HSP is more 20/20 were we to relate it to eyesight.

I discovered an idea, also, of a 7th sense world that makes sense to me. Where the 6th Sense is still concerned with physical ‘issues’ because we get energy from people, read feelings or emotions, or can have a flash of an image into the future of this plane of existence, what about the type of Paranormal that we associate with not just a ready supply of Intuition at our disposal – that still may be unexplainable – but those things that we’ve seen, heard, smelled, or felt that were not of this existence [material world] or seemed to not be?

Paranormal Qualities or Experiences

  1. Dreams. Vivid dreams. Astral projection. Lucid dreaming. Prophetic Dreams. Sometimes symbolic. Sometimes quite adventurous. And of course you dream in color! (When the scientists said that people dreamed in black and white you knew this to be untrue for you and were baffled.)
  2. Paranormal sight. Seeing things or events that could be described as paranormal. Have you ever seriously ‘seen a ghost’ or ‘energy’ or ‘aura’? Have you seen things move with no provocation? My Mimi and I were talking about Grandmother (whose earthly incarnation had ended at this point) one afternoon. I was standing in the doorway while the shelf that held Mimi’s Gloria Vanderbilt spritzer bottle was 3 feet or so to my left; Mimi was 6 feet away sitting on the couch as we talked. I forgot what was said right before-hand but I remember feeling the energy before it happened. With no provocation, Mimi’s spritzer bottle jumped up from the shelf it’d been on for weeks (?) hovered for a microsecond and dropped to the floor. What was funny was Mimi’s eyes as she looked at me, “What the hell was that?” I couldn’t help it when I said, “Grandma. She wants you to forgive yourself.” And today, I have no idea why I said that except that I was supposed to. 
  3. Paranormal auditory. [Clairaudience] Have you heard things that could not be explained? For example, laughter in the other room when no one was in there. The jingle of a cat collar behind you in the kitchen but you have no cats. [Yet you suspect it was your cat who passed away.] Your dad calling your name?from downstairs but he wasn?t home.
  4. Paranormal feeling. [Clairsentience] Have you known a person’s ulterior motive yet their mouth was speaking differently than you were feeling? Contrary to maybe a group of people’s idea, did you know the idea to be different than what was being said? Were any of your feelings later validated?
  5. Knowing. [Claircognizance] Have you ever met, viewed, heard, or watched someone and knew the condition of their spirit, mood, or life? Has someone ever told you a story and asked, “But I don’t know what they meant by that?” And as they were telling you the story, maybe you saw visions and images, and therefore you could share what YOU thought/knew what they meant by that? Later, of course, it was validated. Or have you just known how something was going to turn out? [On a normal level, we all have based on patterns, logic, or hedging our bets with the house. So for it to be the ‘Knowing’ I am talking about, in order to isolate biased variables, these examples would have to have no logical patterns.] My Beloved and I were going to dinner and I was getting out of the car feeling like a very specific person – I’d not heard from or thought of in weeks – was watching me. This was a very odd feeling/thought because I’d never known this person to do that. Another couple of weeks later this person calls me and I’d forgotten about it at this point until the first thing he says is, “I thought you hated that restaurant?”
  6. Thought reading. [Telepathy.] Particularly saying something that someone would confide “I was just thinking that.”? [I think everyone has. Among HSP’s we tend to exchange energy more freely with each other and perhaps occurs more frequently.]
  7. Influence. [Telekinesis] Have you ever for example had your television go out and then with a “Oh stop” it came back? Have you ever (probably inadvertently) thought-suggested something and then your friend brings it up? (With my dog it was a game. I’d think, ‘Want to go outside?’ And there she was. Head perked and tail wagging.)
  8. Visions. Past, future or unexplained? Maybe you’ve had a dream, or a dream series that would later present itself. [Article of my biggest life-changing dream series.] When I say ‘past’ I mean to say that once – in twilight sleep, a hypnogogic state – I had a vision of me and my beloved in Egypt. We were Egyptians and we were saying goodbye to each other.
  9. Seeker. Seeker/Fighter. Always searching for the higher spiritual calling. Have you understood, since you’ve been a small child that there was a special connection between you and the Divine? Have you particularly rebelled at this for whatever reason? Have you allowed alcohol, drugs, or other human distractions to numb you from this calling even if you knew it to be only temporary? Deep down I knew I couldn’t be alcoholically active forever; that I had ‘stuff’ to do. I could not explain it but I did know it.
  10. Coincidence. [Synchronicity] Have you been prone to noticing the ease with which certain things occur for you? Can you notice when the Divine has you on a certain path or mission? Do these coincidences seemingly happen to you more so than other people to the extent that you don?t bother explaining when a casual friend is in awe that something you absolutely needed to happen happened? Do your friends think you’re charmed or, knowing how careless you physically seem to treat the material world and its [so-called] dangers, think you’re lucky to be alive? Mine do.
  11. Empathic. Giving and Receiving Energy, Spirit, or Emotions. Do animals, children and certain people seem drawn to you? Are there people you know who have physically made you sick or very tired? Have you often felt so open that anxiety attacks seemed only seconds away? Do certain situations seem to be okay with other people, yet you’re feeling like ‘What the?’ Have you been depressed for no apparent reason to discover a loved one was in pain? Do you have friends ‘on your radar?’

Originally written January 2007. Last Updated or Edited June 23, 2012

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