HSP Qualities

Highly Sensitive Person General Qualities

Taking a Look at some of the Basic HSP Qualities

A collaboration of efforts have seemed to make these qualities a general benchmark for describing one as HSP. A particular HSP may not have all of these qualities due to natural differences in people, upbringing, or other inclinations. And because we haven’t [yet?] the means to quantify HSP-ness, it’s up to each individual to determine for her/himself.

  • Needing about 5 hours alone time to every 2 hours spent out in the world.
  • Emotionally drained or exhausted when a friend becomes troubled.
  • Inability to express to my satisfaction to another person how I’m feeling.
  • Wondering how other people could *take everything in stride.*
  • Introspective. Deeply reflective.
  • Easy feelings of something is about to happen though no indicators.
  • Feeling another person’s energy, mood, Spirit.
  • Very sensitive to electricity, energy, vibrations.
  • Acute hearing.
  • Absorbing others moods, feelings, energy.
  • Trouble with relating myself to others.
  • Intensely troubled and sensitive to others suffering.
  • Used alcohol or other inappropriate means to deaden the feelings.
  • Spiritually wrestling almost since a small child.
  • Feeling very different and wondering always what was the secret I was missing.


HSP Bell Curve

I have to equate being an HSP to an IQ Test. My IQ is 0 [or 100 or 5000], for example, if I am the only person in the world because I, alone, determine the curve. Like an IQ is not any absolute number but based in relationship to others, so too is the litmus for the HSP. In other words, there is no magic number and no definitive stand alone measure. As such with the HSP, the only reason we are HSP is because most others are not. And we know most others are not, because we’re people and people have a tendency to compare themselves to others when they feel *off* or sense they are not “the norm.” For myself, because I was shy, I had a tendency to observe others and could easily tell from a young age that most others were not like me.

A pretty good gauge: Have you noticed you seem to watch the world from ‘afar?’ Have people said your eyes were beautiful, expressive, or all-knowing? Have you ever been told you are “too sensitive?” (Usually by an ‘insensitive.’)

Do you have tendencies toward [involuntarily] empathizing? Are you quite fond of animals/children – more so seemingly than adult human people? Have you ever had a hard time wondering how it is that most people seem to ‘fit’ and how you don’t? Have people or has a person ever said anything to the effect like “You’re chosen” or “God has plans for you” or “There’s a light about you” and it resonated somehow though you may not have known how?

Have you ever had dreams of prophecy or astral projection [out of body experience] issues? When it comes to you and electricity, would you prefer for it to be off? Have you ever gone into “emotional overload” with too many people, or too many electrical appliances? Have you ever felt as if you’ve known the condition of a person’s soul or spirit? Do you reject organized religion because you know it’s not telling the whole story?

When it comes to the paranormal and people make jokes, do you cringe? Have you seen ‘energy,’ ‘aura,’ or what perhaps others describe as paranormal experiences? Do you feel better suited to NOT be in the workplace but vesting your talents and energy into creative or lone projects?

If any of the above are normal for you, you’re probably an HSP. But if you have 20 minutes why not take the online HSP quiz I created? It’s a 5 parter addressing different areas of ‘Sensitivity.’ When you have finished you can share your thoughts or your results there on the same page. You can be as anonymous as you would like to be and it might just further you into the realm of self-actualization!

Click to take the Highly Sensitive Person Quiz

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