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Attention Highly Sensitive People and Highly Sensitive Persons in Training

HSP Highly Sensitive Person QuizI spent about two weeks designing and testing and re-testing this HSP quiz and I say ‘quiz’ because really it is a series of 5 somewhat in-depth areas. It’s not a quiz in the sense that you can pass or fail but it is a helpful tool in measuring how Highly Sensitive you are.

About the HSP Quiz

The questions in this HSP quiz are based on my own experiences, a research study I did with a friend in my hypothesis that INFP personalities are more likely to be HSP, other Higher Sensitive Personality interviews and friendships, and Elaine Aron’s information found in her books.

But because I started with discovering my own (termed) HSP status via Elaine Aron’s groundbreaking (to me) terminology, I went deeper into the fields of neuroscience and metaphysics with this HSP quiz so if you consider yourself a newly discovered (termed) HSP please do not let these parts scare you off.

Take the HSP Quiz – Set Aside 15 minutes or so

So, why don’t you go on over there, take your “HSP Measurements” and – if you’d like to – share your results or comments there or here: “Introducing an HSP Quiz” .

There is no need to sign up, no reason to give out your email…. Just spend some time answering the questions! If you are unfamiliar with what HSP is and yet you find yourself here, explore my articles for an idea or read this explanation on HSP.

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