Neurobiological Phenomenon


I became very excited to find this study online again after the original website I found it at went under reconstruction. Michael Jawer is my new HSP hero. I am sure there are others but I happened to find him and can share him with you. This is the first of two studies I found and many thanks to Cogprints for allowing me to find them and for us to enjoy reading them *and* for hosting the .pdf file.

Environmental Sensitivity: A Neurobiological Phenomenon?

Jawer, Michael (2005)

Abstract: Researchers often use the term “sensitivity ” when theorizing that certain persons may be more readily affected by various influences than others. Through a review of the literature, it is argued that some individuals are disposed toward a range of sensitivities that, in novelty as well as intensity, distinguish them from the general population. The author cites evidence indicating that such persons exhibit greater susceptibility to a range of environmental factors including allergies, migraine headache, chronic pain, and chronic fatigue. Their immediate family members appear to be similarly affected. Additionally, these “sensitive” individuals report a high degree of anomalous perception. While no single factor in a person’s background is likely to distinguish him/her as sensitive, eight demographic or personality factors are found to be significant.

Item Type: Journal (Paginated)
Keywords: neurobiology, sensitive, sensitivity, environmental, anomalous, perception, migraine, allergy, allergies, synesthesia, chronic, fatigue, fibromyalgia, pain, phantom, psi, psychic, apparitions, apparitional, gender, women, female, laterality, handedness, trauma, childhood, boundaries, somatic, somatization, psychosomatic, hypnosis, depression, alcoholism, electrical, chemical, immune, shyness, stress, genetic, brain, early, childhood, development, mind, body, mind-body, illness, unconscious, subconscious, hyper-sensitive, imagination, fantasy, fantasy-prone, emotion, empathy, dissociation, mystical, transliminal, transliminality, absorption, hallucination, hallucinations, dream, dreams, creative, magical, paranormal, neuroimaging, electromagnetic, personality, irritable, bowel, shy, shyness, fearful, introvert, introversion, sensory, overload, ambidextrous, corpus, callosum, first-born, in utero, psychoneuroimmunology
Subjects: Psychology > Psychobiology
Neuroscience > Neuropsychology
Psychology > Developmental Psychology

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