HSP Paranormal Talk and EVP (Video)

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HSP Paranormal Talk Video

Highly Sensitive Person experiencing the paranormal and my thoughts on the what, why, and howAs I was prattling on and on just seeing if I could capture any EVP, when I was finished after about 12 minutes worth of recording, it ended up sounding like a nice explanation on why I think Highly Sensitive People are more prone to paranormal or supernatural occurrences (If one is able to overlook my tics of speech when I’m shooting from the hip, that is). So, here’s my talk in the form of a video and with footage from my recent trip to Mexico just because I get particularly bored with only audio.

What is EVP?

EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon and is when one hears “words or phrases” from someone or something that sounds like a voice during playback, but yet at the time of recording nothing is heard.

In the video (scroll to the top to see), you’ll hear me say something about wormholes. Lucky for you, you are reading this and will be able to understand what I mean despite my not going into it in the video (remember, I was talking to myself and I already know what I mean!) :)

I Mention Wormholes

When I say wormholes, I can mean time shifts, yes. But I also mean “invisible” (not demarcated in any way) space we cannot detect with our senses, except for the fact that something happens in the particular space-time that normally would not happen if it were our (collectively) normal space-time.

Potential Space-Time Intersects?

I am going to bring up a couple of instances in my life and then tie them together with their common denominators.

Supernatural Happening #1: One example I bring up in the video is my sister and I playing video games upstairs as we hear the downstairs back door open and our Dad shouts upstairs, “Girls!” Now, were our Dad dead, paranormal or ghost enthusiasts may say, “Oh that was his ghost,” which, to me, indicates that my Dad, though no longer in the material world, is still a conscious entity but in another realm. And if you chalk it up to ghosts, well that is that. But because my Dad was alive, there had to be another explanation and I had tried to make sense of it since.

Supernatural Happening #2: My first year of college and my grandmother and I were talking while I was in the middle of getting ready for the day. This was not unusual that I would pause and interrupt for us to have small talks. So I’m standing at the bathroom door way and the bookshelf was to the left of me in the den, as it always was, and she is sitting on the couch looking at me and we’re talking. In the middle of her talking or mine (I cannot remember) a bottle of her perfume jumped up, hovered for less than a microsecond and fell to the floor. And my Mimi is so awesome and unshakeable that she looks at me and I look at her and she says, “What the hell was that?” Of even more fun was that that particular bottle of perfume had been there so long and untouched, there was a slight round shiny spot from where the slight dust had not covered.

Supernatural Happening #3: After college, I spent the night at my sisters and woke up in the morning. Nothing unusual right? My day went on and later that night we’re getting together for dinner with friends. In about a 3 second time-frame, as we’re all socializing and lightly chit chatting,  it all came back to me what I had witnessed after I had sat up that morning: A dark translucence in the shape of a man’s build walked from the kitchen to the back porch in a slow cadence. I watched him from his exit of the kitchen doorway, through the dining area, passed the hall, and until he was obfuscated by the intersecting wall that led to the back porch. And I clearly remembered – in those 3 seconds of recall – how I’d moved my head, just as slowly as he was walking to simply keep watching him. Why had I not remembered until later that night?

Working Conclusion: In none of these times had I been expecting a supernatural, metaphysical, or paranormal occurrence (to differentiate from the time I expect them). In the first two examples, I had not been alone; I had a witness both times. In both of those episodes, the people with me, acknowledged it happened, were surprised and affected. BUT.

I bring up the 3rd happening of my memory lack because… In BOTH prior instances, years later, although imbued within my Memory, they had a hard time remembering it. And every time I would bring whichever incident up (according to whom I was speaking) I would have to RE-Paint what happened. And then, an almost vague, “Yeah. I think I remember something like that.”

And I think I forgot my apparition for the day because I was not totally and, with awareness, awake. And why I recalled it when I did, works with my theory that alcoholics are HSPs because after a couple of drinks is when I remembered it. Aside: I think it’s no coincidence that alcoholics seem to have a higher-than-average Sensitivity; NOT to say all HSPs are alcoholic but that alcohol may do something to the HSP brain to bring about our (HSP) sense of normalcy and ease in this world; And that may mean, unfortunately that we lack the search for less destructive (for some of us) tools.

Highly Sensitive HSP Remembering Versus Not Remembering

Whatever it is that differentiates a Highly Sensitive Person from a non-Sensitive, I do not know; Like I mention in the video, maybe brain scans or blood tests COULD point to differences of why an HSP is HSP and a Salt of the Earth is not. But then again, maybe not.

But I do think this remembering and forgetting supernatural,  paranormal, or energy or planes of existence collisions could be quite telling.

HSP Explanation: Maybe it is that whatever subtle energy imbues the HSP with her or his ‘Sensitivity’ makes her or him more open (ie, physiologically, spiritually, energetically, psychically etc.) to reception. And in this possibility of reception, her mind easily can absorb it and place it in the memory bank.

Non-HSP Explanation: On the other hand, people who are enviably ‘normal’ do not have that (for lack of a better term) ‘subtle energy’ and are therefore naturally (not intentionally; but physiologically, spiritually, energetically, psychically etc.) not receptive. Not being receptive doesn’t mean they do not or cannot experience the weird, but I am wondering if they forget it as soon as it happens. Kind of like a psychic barrier, it doesn’t serve them to remember. It does not serve their purpose in this life.

Samsaras 5 part HSP QuizConclusion to the Paranormal Talk Video

I am not saying that all HSP’s even experience the weird any more than I am saying that all Salt of the Earth’s ‘forget’ their encounters.

I AM postulating, though, that like Up and Down has shades of depth in between, the Acute HSP could be one extreme. Which, could also explain why it has been difficult for Acute HSPs to integrate into this earthly existence.

Of further interest, could be why “Salt of the Earths” cannot relate with them in order to assist their integration into this Earth-Living wholeness.

Additional HSP and Paranormal Information

If you are interested in further reading of the HSP and the Paranormal, check these out: HSP and the Paranormal, and the HSP Studies . OR, if you’re new to my words regarding High Sensitivity or to the world of HSP, take the HSP Quiz that is not really a quiz but is a self-gauging look at your barometer of Sensitivity and how it may relate to others.

If you have a comment on the video or this article, leaving it here would be better since I am brand new to the world of YouTubing and only placed it there so I could place it here.

Have a great weekend!


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