The Law of Attraction Introduction

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the secretNot so recently, I purchased the book, The Secret, not because I wanted to learn about the “Law of Attraction” but because I was curious as to why such a small little book utilizing such ancients concepts would get so popular so quickly and be rather expensive in relation to similar books. Did it offer directions to the holy grail? So for a few weeks now I’ve read The Secret about every time I want light reading before bed.

As familiar as I am with manifesting things into my life; As familiar as I have been with terms like attraction, abundance, prosperity, manifesting, and metaphysical – that now, sound more like buzz words to pyramid schemes than “the results or practice of the metaphysical arts and science”; As much as I feel manifestation concepts to be a balance of art, science, and metaphysics, this particular book is confusing to me and, I hate to say it, a tad hokey and misleading [though I wholly appreciate that it acknowledges “The Secret” has been around as early as circa 3000 years BC from various sources.]

Emmet Fox - Sermon on the MountYou probably have the most famous occurrence in your home right now! I have said it in other articles but it is so worth repeating here. Jesus’ famous “Sermon on the Mount” is a clear set of metaphysical instructions understood properly when one has the spiritual key of understanding. It is not, contrary to today’s popular versions Christianity, a lecture telling anyone to “be good or go to hell.” It is not a judgment or a discussion telling people to “be weak in order win.” To understand each statement metaphysically, I recommend Emmet Fox’s Sermon on the Mount, in which he details precisely what Jesus was saying with each statement. Why do we need Emmet Fox to tell us? Because it’s free of ecclesiastical leanings and full of common sense. [Read more here: Ecclesiastical Christianity vs Jesus of Nazareth.]

To me, The Secret seems to have too many sidelines and deviations from the primary message. It seems to lack for creativity by offering all these stifling “rules” such as if one wants to find a mate then one must park one’s car on the side of the garage in order to “make room” for your mate’s car. Now I understand it varies from person to person but to put that woman’s story in and speak of it as if it’s a specific hard and fast rule is not helpful.

The misleading comes in when it consistently peppers the reading to convey one must “think positively at all times” lest you risk manifesting bad unto your life! This makes the ground fertile for the average person reading it to begin “pretending.” OR it makes fertile for cruel comments from others much like how the Biblical Job’s friends told him he must have made God mad for all the bad luck he was being struck with.

“Well what did you do in order to manifest being molested at age 3?” or “What did you do to manifest getting beaten by your Dad?” Come now. So not only did the victim invite the abuse but now the molested or rape victim is supposed to just “change their thoughts” and good things will happen forevermore? I really pray that the person who would suggest such a stupid idea would keep their thoughtless mouth closed about it. It’s as helpful as a brick under your pillow.


The real secret is as simple as the fact your heart is beating as you read this. The general word I would have to use to describe “manifesting your life or getting what you want” would be faith.

Faith is invisible. It’s non-quantitative. It’s intangible. No one can prove or disprove I have it. So why is it so important? This is precisely why it’s so important – for the same reasons it seems so elusive. Faith resides in my secret place – the place no other person can see. No one can see it to judge it. The only way my faith could be judged would be for me to look at my own fruit. It’s another aspect of my creative spirit that allows God to work.

I claim I am of any religion I want to. I can go to church. I can pray out loud and shout and praise and worship and sing and dance. But Jesus talks about it…and I can’t help but remember the sentiment when I see displays like this…I wonder, “But how is their secret place that dwells inside?”

Application of Faith: For the purposes of manifesting, I utilize faith. Faith that God/the Universe/Mother Earth/Higher Power/my Higher Consciousness/Holy Spirit/ [whatever you call it is not as important as it is comfortable to your true perception] is working on the desire that I have petitioned for. Faith that what I am desiring in my life will happen. I have to know this against any odds. This is faith. [This is the trickiest part.]

Petitioning = Prayer

Mindfulness + Intention + Attention

This is the easy part. In Sermon on the Mount, Emmet Fox calls prayer an art and a science. I believe him. Sometimes I have prayed and seemingly nothing happened [or maybe I’d not paid attention]. Other times I have prayed and nothing less than miracles occurred.

The difference between the two could be what I call “intention” and “attention.” I cannot truthfully recall any prayers that went unanswered but I have to say that they have because I feel sure that they must have. The times I have prayed and watched in awe how those prayers went answered, I cannot describe anything less than spectacular.

As I write this I am reminded of something else I’ve learned.

That in prayer we are to get very specific for what we want. Maybe this is the difference. When I had intention and attention directed in my petition, I knew precisely what to watch for so when I saw it unfold I became very excited. Whereas when I prayed the generic general prayers we’ve all heard and in robotic dutiful fashion I was hardly attentive and I certainly had no intention.

Application of Prayer: I’ve often thought of meditation as listening and prayer as speaking; Receiving/Giving; Receiving answers/inspiration and Giving intention/attention. I perform my prayers in solace and never in front of people unless it’s a general prayer of thanks – which will bring us to gratitude. I am specific with my prayers in what it is I want but, I never tell God how to do it. This is important; The collective conscience is a very creative source and when I tell it how to do something I am bringing in my own prejudices and my own limited ideas…and I want the God of my understanding to have every creative resource available to bring me what I want!

With this, remember to pray with the proper intention in your heart and with the proper attention to what you are saying/asking. Even if you get the words wrong, as long as your intention/attention is clear, God will always read your language of the heart. Speaking is just another way to get the energy from inside of your secret place into the world so don’t mind if you forget words or use the wrong one or stutter or whatever! That doesn’t matter. It’s the transferring of intention/attention from the inside of your heart into the world so God can jump up, dance a jig and say “That’s my girl! Finally!”

Faith and Prayer

Faith. First I must have faith, that God wants the best life for me possible. What God could design for me will always be better than my one human idea. So I practice faith in this concept. And this then allows for the faith to enter that the Universe *will* bend to my spirit. [It will hardly ever bend to my will I notice, but to my spirit, always.] Remember in the Bible, when Jesus said to tell the mountain to move and it will move? I have had mountains move, my friends! Unfortunately, the mountain never moved when I tried to think my way through it, when I tried to engineer it or when I tried to manipulate it. But faith. Faith that the mountain will move because God wants vibrant success in my life will yield the mountain to move!

If you currently have no to little faith, I dare you to pray for faith. Get humble and on your knees. Turn off your television. Give it as little as three minutes of pure intention and attention and say “I lack faith. I need faith.” [Ask for it and have a heart to heart with the energy of your higher consciousness.] Then, and this is the other secret to that, keep your eyes open. Watch for synchronicity and signs. Just watch.

Prayer. Now. When I am talking about the “Law of Attraction” I am assuming that we’re all desiring good things to come to us right? Okay but let’s first deal with the ugly flip-side of attracting “the bad.” I file this under prayer because basically when I am feeding into “bad thoughts” and when I am cursing a thing it’s a form of prayer. Watch this as I cite a recent example.

A couple of days ago while on Stumble I was in contact with a brilliant friend of mine and I was going crazy that a “naysayer” who had Stumble-thumbed-it-down and made a nonsensical comment of “Dangerous Hooey” as it related to my Law of Attraction & Metaphysics Squidoo lens. It doesn’t matter the why I thought the comment was inappropriate as much as it matters that it affected me to the degree I kept feeding the energy to my friend and consequently the universe.

It may sound like a little thing but trust me when I say that I got hooked on the why anyone would be so ignorant as to make such an insipid, obtuse, and unkind statement without clearly so much as understanding what it was about she was speaking. Here’s what happened the next morning.

I awoke to finding my very first Stumble-thumbs-down on my Stumble site after almost 4 years of being on Stumble. The comment was precisely, “Carpetbagger. [See below.]” An unrelated person had thumbed me down personally with the aforementioned comment so I went to this person’s page to “[See below.].”

The person went on the most nonsensical barrage of insults and ridiculousness regarding my same darling friends Attention Deficit Disorder is the new Abundant Creativity Effect Squidoo lens. Her thumbing down of my personal Stumble page with a nonsense insult to me, therefore, seemed to not have anything to do with anything other than the fact I had thumbed it up and Stumble-reviewed it positively. Now talk about synchronicity. Talk about attraction! My poor friend felt responsible but I tried to assuage her delicate soul by explaining it was my own “Law of Attraction” coming full circle.

Notice how it clicks together:

  • Day before I’d been Stumble speaking with my friend how I despised nonsense & assumptions for people reviewing other pages.
  • Next day my personal Stumble page is reviewed negatively with even MORE nonsense, assumptions, and just out of there nonsense.
  • Based on my [same] friend’s page having nothing to do with me other than I thumbed it up. Others had thumbed it up and reviewed it as well! I hadn’t even discovered it so why did she focus her inanity on me? This was my first personal negative review.
  • Law of Attraction full circle. On Stumble. Same platform, same friend, same type of “nonsense” I’d energized prior.

Now for the positive side of prayer’s attention, intention, and mindfulness. Even if one is not religious – and I may even arguably say it’s better as there are no “human imposed rules” you may subconsciously adhere to that, by design, may feed the part inside of you that says you’re not worthy to receive – there is a place for prayer. It’s that time we connect ourselves to the universal power I call God and let the energy of our desires flow from our heart outward. It’s a good time to visualize what we’re desiring and expressing gratitude for what we currently have. Expressing gratitude for the “crappy” car might seem silly to you but if I’m unable to be grateful for the little I do have, why would I feel worthy to receive better or more? At this point I’d like to segue into one of the most important components that I think trip people up – It tripped me up….and sometimes still does.

Positive Affirmations not Negative Affirmations

And in the beginning there was the word. Words are not as important as what we’re trying to convey right? But the thing with words is that they’re often more powerful than people give them credit for. Words give graduate degrees. Words send people to prison just as they win Nobel Peace Prizes, cause tears, laughter, and can bring joy and appreciation being used as an art in poetry, literature, or a play. Words manifest from thoughts. Actions manifest from words. Your destiny is manifest from actions.

Knowing the power that words have, is it any wonder I wince when I hear friends desiring certain opportunities in their life but then say, “Nothing good ever happens for me.” We say these words and then are surprised when what we’ve been praying for diligently isn’t happening. Spending 5 minutes in prayerful intention and attentive mindfulness is not exactly a free pass to deafen the “Universal Ears” for the remaining 23 hours and 55 minutes of the day is it? If anything it’s sending a mixed message!

Are you filtering for curses or blessings? Our brains can have as many as several hundred things going on every few minutes. When we use our mouth, our voice to speak and use our words, in my philosophy I have just made an intentional decision to filter some of those hundred thoughts and make a proclamation to the world. The world will take those proclamations seriously because my subconscious will. When I am consciously aware in prayer I am hopefully aligning my subconscious up with my words. When I am not actively praying but just speaking and throwing out words, are those words curses or blessings? What is my subconscious really saying when I am mindlessly proclaiming, “I am such a loser” or “I hate myself.” What am I telling the universe when I am spreading gossip about people? I personally think I’m telling the Universe that I am a loser and don’t deserve any good things. Gossiping or badmouthing myself will yield the same result as gossiping or badmouthing another person.

For more on gossip, see the First Agreement or read the section on Gossip.

Phrasing is sometimes everything. Our language can shift our subconscious into a receptive state or a denying state. If I say “I hope I don’t get cancer” it is my belief that my subconscious hears, understands and processes only one word of that statement: Cancer. I believe it does this because my subconscious understands my feeling behind the words and in that case my feeling is fear and what I fear is cancer. However if I say “I am worthy of good health” my subconscious hears health because it’s feeling my belief [of worthiness] behind the words.

Fear. I don’t understand why exactly, but there is something about “fear” not conducive to metaphysical experiences. I view it as oil and water in that fear is such a negative thief of an emotion that it completely stymies and is in opposition to “moving forward.” And when we’re practicing manifesting our dreams or desires, this actually requires moving forward and while in fear – by definition – it seems to be metaphysically unable to be fulfilled. I use a phrase: “What we resist persists.” So for the purposes of attracting goodness I try to stay mindful of my phrasings in every day speech careful to keep myself in a receptive state.

Spiritual Metaphysics and Impartiality

Spiritual Metaphysics ( Law of Attraction ) does not discriminate between “kind peace-seeking people” and “mean chaotic, disruptive people” just as other laws of nature do not discriminate. Because I am perceived as being kind, peace-seeking and desiring loving-kindness and because I even have that in my heart as a mainstay of my personality does not mean I am not prone to “negative” attraction. I am just as prone – and probably more so – than others!

The reason I am probably more prone is because I am a spiritually attuned person [as opposed to a mainly material/physical plane being] and do send out and receive energy/spirit/synchronicity probably more easily than others. This, I hope, does not discourage my other spiritually seeking friends but propels them on even more vigorously! It just means we’ll get our manifestations more quickly and will learn our lessons more easily! What would be hard for others to learn is easier for people who are naturally inclined to a spiritually metaphysical way of life.

If you’re one who maybe gets repetitive lessons, delayed manifestations [if any at all!], negative people in your life or you seem to lack natural belief or faith you can change that with the few suggestions of this page.. All people are sure to have to repeat lessons until a passing grade is earned [from the Universe! And you’ll know you’ve passed when a certain issue can recur and you still have peace or else the issue is gone altogether!], and we may never know the particular thing we may have had thoughts of that dreamed into existence your current Zen Masters but be aware they are there for nothing more than your benefit. There is no need to be mad at them; They’re supposed to be that way until you learn the lesson they’re there for.

This Concludes “The Law of Attraction” Introduction

If it seems this brief survey of metaphysical manifestation was a bit too shallow I apologize. But it is just about this easy. There are many areas I can change and work on in order for my faith to be stronger or for my prayers – the art and the science of them – to be more fruitful and productive. And this will be what I’ll discuss in later articles as I soar off into this new realm of focus; Specifically dealing with the application.

Not all people need to engage in visualization techniques. Not all people need to park their car to the side in the driveway. [If this were the case just start buying two of everything if you’re trying to manifest a relationship according to a certain book.] I am amazed at even how the application of manifestation techniques continue to line up with my philosophy and that is that there are many different paths to one truth. In this case the truth is that yes you can manifest your life and that path I can help you find and without your having to spend a dime. Besides, these “courses” I have seen around $1500 always have me wondering, “Gee. So the people who need the manifesting the most apparently are out of luck?” I’m here to tell you: No you’re not.

Take care until next time!

Samsaras compilation for Law of Attraction and Manifestation Reading Materials



  • Chin WH said:

    It’s great to know that the Law of Attraction really works. According to the original writer of The Science of Getting Rich, the fastest way to implement the law is through visualization. There is a related blog that explains some visualization techniques that are very effective.

  • samsara (author) said:

    Thanks! I’m big on visualization myself. I enjoy visualizing meditation techniques. For example visualizing white light coming from the Source into my head and through my body healing me… I find that to be powerful in rejuvenation though I understand visualization techniques in this way are different than being used for attracting something. I think the major point to remember is that our creative imagination is very powerful. I think this why we humand have often been called to “be in the likeness of” the Ultimate Creator. Made in the image of God… Our creative abilities and using “the word” to bring something into existence.

    The website you referenced links to another website that I touch on in this article: Spending money to have this work for you. I reviewed the Attraction Accelerator down already on my Stumble account and here it is. I think the javascripting on the site, disallowing one to leave is horrible. I think turning it into an “affiliate program” is just….it ranks right up there with those other guys I’ve seen charging $1500 to *get* “the secret” and for all I know it could be the same thing. But no. Something stinks to me when I see people trying to make money by pyramid scheming principles that the entire world needs to know [in order to bring about a healed world.]

  • Mon said:

    Hello! It’s been a while! The secret gave me the hope I needed at a bad time. But, I agree its been around forever, and is also known as karma. You get what you put out, and that is that. But it has gotten me to be more consious of my thoughts daily, and turning them to more positive than negative!

  • samsara (author) said:

    I’m pretty sure I attracted you here, Mon. I was thinking of you just the other day! I was on my way to your website and then something happened to interrupt me. Anyway! It’s really great to see you. I’ll pop in before too long! You know I always value your contribution…Makes me smile. :)

  • rainer said:

    Well, a great post. Especially the sentence “it’s as helpful as a brick under your pillow.” let me smile. Thank you.

  • rainer said:

    Well, a great post. Especially the sentence “it’s as helpful as a brick under your pillow.” let me smile. Thank you.
    Maybe ther could be a little summary at the end, becaus the article is long.

  • samsara (author) said:

    Thank you for your feeback. Yes the article(s) here are rather verbose. I’ve considered even just breaking them up into manageable subcategories for multiple posts. I certainly appreciate your input. Thank you so much. :)

    PS. Glad you like my turn of phrasings. Haha.

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