August Leo Reign of Royalty

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All About the Astrological Leo

The Lion is Leo's MascotWho’s into astrology or the zodiac? If you’re here searching for all things Leo, then you are in the right place. I’m not into it so much but I do enjoy being the 5th house in the Zodiac, which is the splendid Leo, maybe because I love cats, the sun, and warmth. August is my Birthday month so I’m partial to the Augustian Leos, not to detract from the Julians. :) Since my birthday is well into August, I’m an easy Leo and would have been one whether I hatched a couple weeks earlier or delayed until a few weeks later.

July 24th to August 23

Some resources say July 23 – August 22!

Facts, Signs, and Symbols

Leo FantasyThe sign for the Leo is the royal and noble Lion. The planet of Leo is the bright blazing sun. Fire is the element of Leo. The season is the fun and passionately hot summer. The dominating month is warm August.

And the Leo; Well is it any wonder that the Leo is as vivacious and bright as the sun, fiery and blazing alive like fire, and as noble, prideful and courageous as the Lion?

Of course I believe in traits unique to people as opposed to zodiac signs but I’ve never met a Leo I didn’t like. I’ve read books and articles on Leos that say there is not room for two Leos in a relationship; I don’t believe that as it’s not my experience.

Of course, coming from a metaphysical position, if you believe this to be true, I can promise you will never meet a Leo you WOULD like. [Which is then a kind of psychological profundity because you are a Leo and you dislike other Leos. This would tell me you might resemble me at 10 years old when I was shy but allegedly not ‘supposed’ to be because of my Leo-ness. When I discovered that I was ‘supposed’ to be all ‘center of this’ and ‘center of that,’ oh my goodness! I became so embarrassed and right away began disassociating from my Astrological nightmare.] I am over that now.

So as we kick off August and because a friend’s birthday kicked off August’s Reign of the Leo with her August Birthday being the 1st, I thought it would be fun to have a page on interesting facts, images and information on the August Leo!

We’re a fascinating bunch – we really are!

Quick Leo Astrological Facts

  • Ruling Planet: The Sun
  • Element: Fire
  • Birthstone: Peridot
  • Constellation: Leo (the Lion)

Leo & August
Images, Facts, Information, Gems, Symbols, Meanings

I have compiled some of the coolest art, interesting facts, information and images on being Leo (or an August Leo) or even having a birthday in August I could find around the net! If you decide to use any of these, copy them to your own server and respect the copyright laws or requests of each image. This page is to acknowledge and give credit to some of the more interesting facts, history or information on Leo and August as well as showcasing the most informative or creative web resources or people who have invested in the concept or idea of Leo and August.

Leo Birthstone

The Peridot is the birthstone of August

The Peridot is the gemstone of August and the peridot ring I have is amazing. My mom gifted it to me on my 21st birthday and I have treasured it ever since. According to sources, the Peridot has been regarded, since ancient times, as the symbol of the sun & considering the Leo’s planet is the sun, it’s no wonder! For this and more interesting facts on the Peridot gemstone for Leo‘s visit the page. Did you also know that it’s been mined for thousands of years on an island in the Red Sea and that it’s also mentioned in the Bible as Chrysolite? Sure! Here’s another page on Peridot with this information and more images! Metaphysical properties.

Leo Personality

The two sided and multifaceted Leo! Click here for all items on Leo from Allposters!

The typical Leo personality is indeed a black and white Zodiac sign! As confident, generous, faithful, fun, sunny, encouraging, expressive, loyal and passionately devoted to whatever cause or friendships she is pursuing, she can also be stubborn, arrogant, pushy, bossy, controlling, temperamental, and proud!

The Leo is known for the attention she will shower upon her friends and for that reason, the Leo’s magnetism is undeniable but beware the wrath of the angry Leo. Remember, Leo is a Lion and Lion’s roar! Not to fear, however, as most Leo’s – as stubborn as they are – are ever ready to be gracefully forgiving and so very generous with their acceptance of apologies. Leo’s have little tolerance for disloyalty so above all things, don’t test that!

Have a look at the Leo Gifts I hand-picked!

[ Interesting Leo Gifts  |  Other Zodiac Signs Gifts  |  Other Unique Gift Ideas ]

Leo Glyph & Mythology

Leo Glyph Amulet

The Symbol, or Glyph, for Leo is generally though to be either the tail of the lion, the mane of the lion or I’ve even seen some references that it’s a snake and, though coiled, ready to strike! But considering Leo the Lion is based in Greek mythology and then this glyph, you can do your own research or use your imagination!

Mythology. The constellation Leo is explained in Greek mythology when the Nemean Lion, sibling to Sphinx, terrorized the area around Nimea. Heracles[Greek]/Hercules [Roman] strangled the lion and in honoring this feat, Zeus set the lion’s form ablaze in the night sky.

Constellation of Leo

Leo’s Constellation and Star Connection

I have always been fascinated with the idea of the zodiac and astronomy and if there really is anything to it by way of astrology. Planets in certain houses and ruling planets and so forth. Do stars and planets we’re born of really affect us all that much? I find it fascinating and especially since a close friend of mine plotted and interpreted my chart for me. Apparently there is a lot more to it than just being a Leo! My latitude and longitude were involved as well as the time of day I was born.

I suppose if the Moon can affect the tides of the ocean by way of pull and gravity and the Earth can continue to spin and rotate the sun…I imagine, then, that the planets and stars of our galaxy and even universe can have a larger impact than one may initially imagine.

Hot Blazing Leo Sun

Leo’s Planet is the Sun

With the Sun being the ruler of Leo I can think of many similarities between a Leo person and this fiery hot, blazing ruler of Leo. The rest of our solar system revolves around the sun, much like how the Leo perceives the world around them. Not completely egotistical about it though, like the sun being responsible for our life’s sustenance, the Leo seems to nurture and encourage those spirits who seem drawn to her as well.

If the sun fell from our solar system or burned out, life here on this planet would cease to exist. who would be the encouraging and creative force supporting and befriending with perfect loyalty those people who may rely on these magnanimous Leo qualities if Leo’s ceased to exist? Oh perish the thought!

A Leo in Every Respect

Felines, Warm Weather, and the Sun

The Sun and Cat connection. Whether it has anything to do with being a Leo or not, or being born in the dead of summer, I have always gravitated toward the sun. I have always loved everything sunny and warm. My beloved jokes that if it gets down to 80 degrees I get chills and I actually do hibernate in cold weather. And cats. Nobody could love cats more than I do and I wonder if this, too, has anything to do with being a Leo? Given that the Lion is the symbol for Leo and that Lions, as well as all members of the feline family, are particularly comfortable at lazing in the sunnier spots of the house, yard, or African plains, the possibility of my being a cat trapped in a human body has not been lost on me! ;)

Musings on what it Means for me to be a Leo

Leo the Lion Constellation Zodiac Star Sign

We call Lions “King of the Jungle” and the Sun is what everything else in our solar system revolves around. Are the human bestowed Leo’s “Kings or Queens of their symbolic jungle?” Do Leo’s really expect everything to revolve around them or, like the planets are drawn to the sun, are people simply drawn to the Leo human for their brand of magnetism, charisma, glowing generosity, kindness, nurturing, and loyalty? Do we Leo’s feed the human spirit?

Oh I do not want to be elitist…I think most every person has that capability – to be a bright light for others –  and especially HSP‘s despite their astrology! I know for a level fact that if I did not have my ‘water’ – my main squeeze – who is an Aquarius, I would be totally floated out through the crown chakra and probably burnt crispy by the sun I would fly too close to. He is the water to my sun and we’re perfectly synced.

I don’t know about any other Leos but I had an awful time with this message of “Leos are outgoing and vivacious and crave attention,” as a younger person. I was shy and felt awkward at anyone knowing I was a Leo because I could read; I knew what people would assume. They would assume I expected everything to, like the Sun, revolve around me. They would assume I was, like a lion, ferocious and larger than life – and I was none of these things! But as a now adult and after coming into my own, so to speak, I see these are not necessarily the negative qualities I had ascribed; nor are they indicative of necessarily every Leo.

I'm an INFP / HSP Leo

Egyptian Sun God RaFeline & Sun Egyptian influences. So whether you take Zodiac or Astrology seriously, I still think it’s fun to notice some qualities I have that seem to match something understood in the Universe. I do love that my planet is the sun [and that Ra was the Sun God in Egyptian antiquity!] and as relating to Egyptianology as I long have, I can also appreciate the feline similarities in myself that can mimic a Lion. The Egyptians Sphinx and drawings of Lions and worshiping of cats tells me that the Egyptians thought something sacred about our feline friends too!

[And is that a snake around the sun on Ra’s head? If so, I can understand why some people think that the Leo glyph is, indeed, a snake as opposed to the tail or mane of a Lion!]

To me there is something increasingly romantic and mysterious to be able to relate to symbology and interpretations of Zodiac influence; Something that has been here before *I was* and something that will be here long after my physical body has departed.

Enjoy the Warmth of August, Leo.

This is Our month to Reign.


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  • pixiequix said:

    “Do stars and planets we’re born of really affect us all that much?”

    It’s not so much that celestial bodies have an influence on our lives, actually it’s not that at all. The mechanisms behind astrology are not rooted in cause and effect, as astrology is a metaphysical subject. The word metaphysical applies to anything that’s beyond the detection of the five senses.

    I think that astrology is most easily understood as a symbolic language. But, there’s a premise for reading and understanding that language, which can be summed up in two words; macrocosm and microcosm. Here’s how these twin concepts are defined by the Oxford Philosophical Dictionary:

    “The macrocosm is the world as a whole, with a microcosm being one small part, often mankind, taken as a model of it.”

    So, if the universe is viewed as a macrocosm, and human life as a microcosm of that universe, then astrology can be seen as a symbolic language that’s used to interpret the events of human life within that microcosm.

    It’s all very abstract, which is probably one of the reasons why it isn’t readily grasped by most people. But, INFP type people like you and me are very adept at understanding abstract concepts and symbolism. Which gives us a natural flair for esoteric subjects like astrology.

  • pixiequix said:

    BTW, great post about all things Leo! :)

    I love that Leo is the only sign in the zodiac whose ruler is a star (the Sun). And for solar gemstones, my personal favorite is amber. Holding a piece of amber is sort of like holding a small golden chunk of sunlight.

  • samsara (author) said:

    Thanks Pixie! I had a WP database problem a few days ago…I’ll be moving this sooner rather than later and updating WordPress as well as getting onto SQL version 5. [That was a side note.]

    Friends, this is Pixie. The friend I reference in the article who did my chart! She knows more about me than I know about me. LoL … She’s turned into my therapist as a result, poor woman.

  • mom811 said:

    Hi cute Caite S. (i use cute for you too, as surely you are, with your cutie little girl, as i see in the photo above) :)..

    I’ve “stumbled” on your Leo post, and read through to the end, being also a Leo myself. After all, we have a connection; notice the 811 after mom in my url? My birthday is just two days after yours… Keep on, child of the Sun! :)

  • samsara (author) said:

    Wow Mom! How cool! Let’s see. I have a friend I met only a couple of months ago whose birthday is August 11th also! I do not know what it is about me these days but I am attracting other Leo’s like crazy! It’s so cool!

    So you’re *stumbling* onto me, now are you? Hehe. I need to get back to SU. I miss my pals.

    But this EC is great, albeit time-consuming! Goodness.

    PS> I will add you to my drop list if I have not already.

    Thanks, fellow awesome Leo!

    “Caite” :-)

  • Fyyne said:

    I read where they said there was an original 13 zodiacs. That would make me a Leo. I feel more like a Leo than a Virgo… My mom’s a Virgo :(~( You think the 13 thing is real?

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