Life is Not Trying to Drown You

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Life is Not Trying to Drown You

Life is Not Trying to Drown You

Events in life can be wonderful, peaceful, enlightening, thrilling, exciting, joyous; And these we do not question. We love these events so there is often no need for examination. But events in life can also be messy, challenging, chaotic, or even sometimes quite despairing; And this is when the mind might begin the scramble to find the best tactic to get it to end; To fix, manage, or control that negative stuff away. And nothing is wrong with that; It hurts and we want it to stop. You might feel like life is trying to drown you so maybe some of these look familiar:

  • We might actively pretend there is no problem. [Non-Acceptance/Illusions/Denial.]
  • We might hold our breath waiting to see what happens. [Defensive/Freeze/Flight.]
  • Some of us might panic and exacerbate the chaos or pain. [Offensive/Fight.]
  • Some may tread in the pain as their cross to bear. [Acceptance/Martyrdom.]
  • Others might give up and sink into the despair. [Defeat/Depression/Suicide.]
  • Some may beg, plead, pray for help. [Hope/Faith.]

In my quest for disillusioning, I became aware that my Self was not ebbing and flowing. My Self is not the wave. My Self is not my emotions or my reactions or responses to life. My Self is not employing tactics to kill pain, understand challenges or fix problems. My Self is never drowning despite what my mind is experiencing in any moment.

“That may be well and good for you, but what about me? Life really is trying to drown/overwhelm/kill/murder me!”

How I know Life is Not Trying to Drown You

I’ve been to hell a few times. I’ve been to Heaven a few times. I’ve crossed the River of Styx (both ways). In all instances, I’ve been here witnessing even if I’ve been unaware of the witnessing. And now in Awareness (Conscious Awareness) of the Witness (Self), I can recall my (formerly unrecognized) Awareness.

You Are the Ocean

Waves swell and subside. Waves crash the surf. Tides ebb and flow. And this is how I know life is not trying to drown you. You ARE life. You ARE the vast ocean experiencing these waves. And a wave can’t drown an ocean anymore than the ocean can drown itself.

Like waves arise from and return to the ocean, thoughts and emotions arise from and return to the mind.

You Are the Hidden Treasure

An excerpt from Gangaji’s newest Book, Hidden Treasure

Underneath all the stories, we can experience that deep core of ourselves that is historyless, genderless, and parentless. Naked. That presence is unencumbered by relationships and has no past and no future. In the core of our beingness we are free of definitions. Gangaji Book Hidden TreasureUnencumbered by our definitions we experience ourselves as conscious intelligence aware of itself as open, endless space. This instant of being storyless is an instant of freedom. For even if our story is filled with light and beauty, to the degree that we define ourselves through that story, we are less free.

After such a moment, stories are never the same. They can be present, as they most likely will be, but they no longer have the inherent power to define our reality. The inner wealth that is available to us is no longer limited or augmented by particular inner or outer events. While the personality or the “creatureness” of each individual continues just as stories continue, the underlying awareness, the true “I” has come home to itself.

After such a moment, choice is present where before we were blindly choiceless. When we are not blinded by the stories that have been created for us, or the stories we create, we can appreciate the mysterious vastness that is holographically present in each moment of any story. We can discover what is and has always been here, throughout whatever rendition of story was being lived or believed. Each of us can take any story from our past, and we can discover the treasure that was hidden only through unquestioning belief in narrowly focused assumptions of the time. Stories can then be profoundly appreciated as displays of multidimensional life expressing itself in all forms.

You are.

You are deeper than your story and more than your thoughts. So, for now, when your story turns into chaos or a challenging situation, if you can breathe into the awareness of this moment of now and watch how, like the waves return to the ocean, your thoughts will return to the mind. And you will still be here. Not drowning.

Until next time, Samsara


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