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Metaphysical Manifesting 4 Essentials by SamsaraThis article is going to cover only the essentials needed for metaphysical manifesting. Courses or books I see offering you specific disciplines and practices might work just fine, but even those disciplines, in order to re-train your mind, need your cooperation.

Affirmations, daily readings and meditations, journaling gratitude or desires, or other rituals can all be wonderful ways to re-train your mind into the metaphysical conditioning needed for manifesting.

But, in my particular experience, if I lack these following “Absolute 4 Essentials,” I basically notice unwanted manifesting happening at or to me – in the form of karma for example or demons jumping on my bed – rather than wanted manifesting happening for or with me. I do not know if this is particular to HSP‘s or not but I sense yes.

Manifesting anything with intention into physical existence as a topic for an article is probably easier to swallow for HSP’s, practical magic students, intuitives, people who embrace magical thinking, their creative brain, practitioners and students of metaphysical spirituality, gnostic or scientific christianity, or pagans or other earth honoring people. In other words, metaphysical ideologies are are found everywhere and mostly anyone can access this higher realm of consciousness. For the left-brained logical and mind worshiping sort, even if you find yourself here these Essentials can work for you too.

As I don’t believe in coincidence but in synchronicity, I believe there is a reason everyone is where they are at any given time. Even here. So if you can be willing to believe, though perhaps not necessarily believing, I fully believe that is all that is required because that is where I started a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

#1 – Practice

Manifesting is a Paradigm

Paradigm Shift. It is a life change. This means Practice.

You’ve probably heard of The Secret or have seen the websites offering you the “tricks” for some amount of money to show you how to harness “The Law of Attraction“. Maybe even some books promise you wealth and prosperity if you just do some simple things. While I do not knock honest teachings, I do knock people marketing this incredible philosophy as a “Get rich quick” scheme.

Here’s why: When I become disillusioned with something or I feel shortchanged, I make it a point to feel bad. I do this, some may say, on purpose. Feeling bad infuses the experience in my memory. This, in turn, reminds me to not have anything to do with something similar in the future.

Samsara's Essentials for Metaphysical ManifestingErgo, I may have opportunity after opportunity to experience this rich and fulfilling way to practice metaphysics even after I feel I have been taken for a ride, but I will not believe anybody anymore and ever again. So you see? This is the crime in my mind. People pervert the message – being a perverted messenger – and then people never receive the authentic message due to not being open to it. Courtesy of Psych 101.

Metaphysical practitioners are metaphysical practitioners. I will address this further in other Basic Lessons in this article, but one cannot be dour and non-faithful in every aspect of her life and then go home and “manifest peace.” This may slap in the face of everything you know and I am sorry for that. But Spirit has put it upon me to tell my story as it is and not how I think it will sound…so please bear with me. All you need to know in basic lesson #1 is that it’s a practice. It is not intended as a scheme that happens in 60 seconds for $29.95. A shift must occur and then practicing continues.

You may notice the above image has some inconsistency from how this article orders them. This is not on purpose; but due to my own confusion. Sometimes my paradigm can shift – due to perhaps a round of recognizing my karma or burning through a samskara in which I recognize an elevation in my Spirit. This is, say, an unintended manifestation but a metaphysical lesson nevertheless. Then I notice my side effects were/are Honesty, Open-Mindedness, and Willingness to keep going. So naturally when I continue this Practice with intention, it continues. Depending upon one’s natural inclinations, personality or challenges will be the ‘order’ and even then the order is not important.

#2 –  Open-mindedness

Squashing of Ego as your Master

Two extremes prohibit open-mindedness

Excessive Pride or Low Self-Esteem

Here’s why: If you suffer from either two you may be tempted to fill in the blank spaces of this article with your own garbage [ie, Positive self-talk = “This is stupid. This woman is full of it.” or “I already know all this.” or Negative Self Talk = “This will never work for me because I am so stupid.” or “I have been trying this and nothing has been happening!”] So concentrate during this part. Okay? And try hard to even keep an open mind during this one article. Remember. This is not costing you a dime but for being here reading, learning, absorbing. If you have to, take out a notepad and write these lessons down.

Inflated Self-Esteem. Excessive Pride. Pride, as in one’s appearance or taking pride in your work or being proud of something is not the “excessive pride” I am talking about although in my envisioned perfect world all sorts of pride wouldn’t be necessary. No. The excessive pride I am talking about is what prohibits spiritual growth in a positive direction.

Excessive pride is the byproduct of ego. Oh let’s call it Super-Ego since we’re getting all Carl Jung up in here. Ego, itself, is not bad; It kinda comes with the corporeal existence. But the Super-Ego is that one bastard that layers and protects our ego from its fear of death and you know, in the process it kills our (recognition of?) Spirit. Ironic. One method is excessive pride.

Here’s an easy test for gauging whether you have excessive pride. Could you have written this article better? I’m pretty ignorant huh? Is everyone you encounter an idiot? Do you suffer fools extensively? Would worlds of people fall apart or into the abyss without you? You may be correct on all counts; From your higher intelligence straight into my ignorance but humility is the quality of trying to learn from every situation while pride is the one quality guaranteed to keep a person in ignorance. A prideful person can’t learn much because she already knows everything. And this is why excessive pride is prohibitive to Metaphysical undertakings and spiritual growth.

SOLUTION for PRIDEFUL: I have no advice for the excessive pride personality, [would you listen even if I did?] except: “Gain humility or get humiliated.” And maybe that is your karma in order to help you achieve humility. Nothing is wrong with that except there is an easier way and without the painful karma: “JUst stop it.”

  • Let yourself be wrong in public and see if you are annihilated.
  • Know ‘the right answer’ and say nothing.
  • Give a “Let them be right” gift to someone today.
  • Find the value in ‘the stupidity’ of a person.
  • Say “I apologize” if you harm someone.
  • Say “I misunderstood” if there’s been a communication gap.

Lowly Self-Esteem. Pride in Reverse. Still ego based, if pride is the ego’s indulgence of covering for insecurity then low self-esteem is the ego’s indulgence for flaunting insecurity. Just as destructive as excessive pride, low self-esteem prohibits just the same.

Here are some questions to think about regarding low self-esteem and, if you have it, how it can prevent you from having the open-mindedness needed. How many times have you thought that nothing good would ever happen to you? Do you feel as if life is a struggle to be endured?

Walking Bulls Eye Target for Victim StatusYes, I was a victim so I get that. I was that pride in reverse thing, too.

Guess what? Here is one of the secrets they never told you about life: Of course you’re a victim. We’re all victims! E.v.e.r.y.b.o.d.y. in the world has been victimized if they’re over 15 years old and have been to public school. Then there are even the really awful victimizing situations in which trauma was provoked. It doesn’t matter – not in this context. The difference between “normal” people and us “victims as our identity” is that we continued to seek out ways and positions in which to remain victims. Either subconsciously in the form of sending out “victimize me” energy or consciously in the form of creating some “pity and poor me” drama at family functions. That’s the only difference. We continued/continue.

SOLUTION for VICTIM: As to why we did this [do this?], well, I have solid theories but for me it’s because I never got resolution from initial trauma and I never learned other tools. My Mother didn’t have any tools she could pass on that worked for me so I just kinda always ended up drunk and/or victimized. There is no blaming to be had here; either onto you or me (or our Mothers). But we have to start with honesty and acknowledge our own part in our desolation or else there can be no solution to it. If you still have low self-esteem and are a “victim” I encourage you to begin practicing Codependent recovery in order to free your mind into the direction of spiritual growth. Or head over to my Byron Katie in Action blog and watch some videos.

When we are truly victimized – and this is a part of life too – we can choose to cohort with our victimizers and continue to keep ourselves victims or we can trust that there is a solution. Codependent recovery gave me that choice and I chose the solution of recovery. I encourage every victim reading this, too, to make that choice. Practice the principles of Codependent Recovery in tandem with these four basic Metaphysical Lessons.

#3 – Honesty

Honesty with Yourself

One issue that gnaws at me when I see people, books or companies promoting Metaphysical undertakings and particularly within the framework of “Law of Attraction” or heightened vibrations or visualization techniques in order to manifest, is that rarely do they explain or stress the importance of honesty. Often, I see something glazed over when they say, for example, [simplified] “Repeat daily: I am a millionaire.” The idea, of course, is that you will really become a millionaire if you continue to repeat it by *tricking* your reality. Reality is reality and it’s a culmination of thoughts you’ve had for years so if you’re having problems getting your bills paid or you’re having issues getting enough food for your family, if simply repeating this phrase did the trick, there’d be little need for books on it at all! We’d all just mumble a phrase and be done with it!

The honesty I am talking about is the honesty that is the opposite of denial. I am not even talking about honesty with others. Honesty with self is the only issue that’s important here when talking about metaphysical practice and particularly Law of Attraction or manifesting-into-existence principles.

There is no Commandment that states: “Thou shalt not lie.” However, when I hear someone say it’s against a Commandment, I have a feeling they are referring to “Thou shalt not bear false witness.” This is, indeed, lying and of the most vulgar sort but it’s not embracing of “lying” as a whole. When religious people discuss honesty, I usually see them discussing honesty as it relates to other people and then invoking God into it. But if a shady looking character comes to my house and wants something, I have an obligation to make up a story, lie, or say no in order to protect myself if I want to. “Is Anne Frank here?” was a great example from my Logic professor.

Why Honesty is So Important to the Metaphysical Practitioner

For example, I gave two extremes of roadblocks to open-mindedness: excessive pride and low self-esteem. If a person lacks rigorous honesty yet has excessive pride, one is not going to see that quality in herself thus making it impossible to begin from the point of where she is. Honesty is, for this reason, of utmost importance: We must be rigorously honest in order to begin progressing from where we sit.

We cannot be in denial about issues that are on our mind or trouble our spirit. If we have a problem with prayer, we have to admit this to ourselves [and probably a spiritual teacher, also, in order to improve] and, in my case, while in prayer. If we have three loud noisy kids and can’t seem to “manifest” the time to meditate, we have to be honest about this also – EVEN if we have to blame them. That’s right! Even if we blame our parents for screwing us up due to their drinking and wild ways when we were kids, we do that too! That’s right! Now these ideas may be slapping in the face of everything you thought you knew but we have to start with where we are and if where we are is being covered up by nice words, and pretty language and phrases when we don’t mean them….well the universe [your subconscious] is going to know the conflict within and your manifesting exercises aren’t going to produce the fruit you thought they would.

Once we tell the truth to ourselves, then we can move into a solution. Only then.

“No! I could never hate my mother.” [If I get snippy with everyone after I make a visit to Mom’s I may want to look at the truth of that statement. This may be classic denial here.] or “Yes. My husband is a drunk and we’re behind on our bills and I have to take care of the four kids and work three jobs. But I’m fine. ”

If I decide to tell the truth of hating my mother I can get into the forgiveness part and/or looking at my contributory part of our failing relationship or set some boundaries with what she does that has me so uptight. If I decide to get into the truth with myself regarding “being fine” with a drunk husband and the burden of the kids all falling on me, then I can make some freeing decisions! But as long as I remain in denial, I will stay exactly where I am. [Again, see Codependent Recovery if chronic denial is a problem.]

#4 – Willingness

All the reading in the world and all the book buying and schemes or even legitimate Manifestation “courses” will not yield one iota if you don’t do anything about it. This is where willingness comes in and full force at that. And, in later articles I’ll concentrate on Willingness specifically but as a survey right now of the basics, just know that when I say “willingness” I mean, “Faith without works is dead.” If honesty is the first step, and open-mindedness is the medium, then willingness is the jumping off point.

Here’s why: H.O.W. [Honesty, Open-Mindedness, and Willingness are the essentials to spiritual advancement. “H.O.W. does one advance?” “Precisely!”] Please take note that this differs from many religions in that they ask you to usually read some book and then have faith. But how does one get to faith if one is starting from nothing? I propose HOW as the answer.

For many people, this will be the easy part – or it sounds easy. Once we establish our need for honesty and then get to work on our ego and level it to right size for open-mindedness to ensue, I imagine it does seem a breeze to now be *willing* to believe, willing to pray, willing to have faith, willing to meditate, willing to remain honest, willing to keep an eye out for our oft troubling ego…But let me add two more components that separate the women from the girls.

Intention & Attention

Intention : What do we want from this next act of prayer/meditation?

How many prayers or petitions have you made gratuitously – just to make your conscience feel okay in knowing you prayed? How often have you “talked to God” just to get it over with? How often have you repeated mind-numbing affirmations without concentrating on the meaning? These examples lack intention. And I propose that intention is one of two primary keys in willingness. This means, when you begin operating your spiritual life from a place of intention you will use more energy but that’s why the pay-offs are so great. Ask yourself and focus your thoughts, “What is my ultimate intention for this prayer?” Visualize it. Affirm it. Then pray. The universe will “feel” [rather than hear] your words and this is what we want because human words are are a poor substitute for energy that has intention.

Metaphysical principles are not new. The Secret is not the first. In my opinion, it is not the best or the most complete. The book by Emmet Fox entitled Sermon on the Mount is the best and most complete for me because it takes Gnostic [gnosis = knowledge] principles and thoroughly explains the manifesting magic based on the historical Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Fox will share with you exactly and precisely how to pray and even the necessity of getting honest in your prayer. It’s the most inexpensive yet underrated metaphysical and manifesting textbook I have ever had the joy of wearing completely out!

Attention : Focus this energy of intention.

This is the second component. If intention is our hope then attention is our vehicle for that hope. So we take this energy of intention and we certainly don’t then pray in a blank out do we? [Show of hands for who has! Me!] Okay. So sometimes we *can* get by with just intention but that’s not what I am trying to teach [how to get by]. No, I am trying to teach how to multiply your spiritual life, your manifesting abilities, and your success in prayer and life. Of course, however, I am sure we all have passed tests before – accidentally. Remember the first Basic Metaphysical Lesson and that is Practice!

So. Back to the intention of this component: Attention is the focus of the intention. So, for example, when I manifested my house. I knew precisely what my intention for manifesting was going to be. So I kept my intention focused by using my attention to my thoughts, feelings, vibrations and so forth, on track with my intention.

My method is usually prayer but sometimes affirmations. By using Attention with Intention during prayer it does not sound like this: “I want a house. Please. Amen.” No…it was more like, “I love that I have a home already. I bless this home for the good of someone else as I bless my future home for the good of me. Amen.” And if I am doing affirmations, I am not rote about it; I pay attention to what I am saying by infusing it with the feelings and emotions each affirmation is eliciting.

Conclusion: Practice Honesty Open-Mindedness Willingness

Why You are Not Manifesting What You Want

I do think some people – like HSP’s – are more “programmed” to be able to manifest more easily and with greater frequency, even when not actively and with intention practicing these principles. I don’t know why this is except that perhaps, as my research has taken me, HSP’s are more (naturally) *tuned in* to spirit or metaphysicality or, as I have seen some articles, maybe they have a naturally higher vibrational frequency – which, some metaphysicians claim, is imperative to manifesting. I know nothing of vibrational frequency. I just know my crown chakra has been wide open since I was 6 years old…or was when I first realized I intuited energy, thoughts, or ‘things happened.’ I think Highly Sensitive People are more naturally Higher Spiritual People. Maybe these are one of our last lives or we came back to bodhisattva or we truly are ‘Spiritual beings experiencing a human existence.’ If an HSP is not manifesting what she wants with only slight effort, I’d say s/he has confused herself/himself into thinking s/he is human again and has become enmeshed in the suffering of humanity or herself/himself or is in the middle of burning through some samskaras that manifesting would not serve to further.

What annoys me are these faux-metaphysicians who claim that if you don’t manifest then it’s your own “fault” or “you didn’t believe enough.” That’s as bad as the fundamental religions who practice snake handling and say that if you’re bitten and die, “Well, she didn’t believe enough!” There are many contingencies at work I believe, due to my own experiences, such as karma, lessons to learn, samskaras to burn, faith or lack of it, ego, dishonesty with ones self, unwilling to try a method or pray or meditate, not practicing the above, or … who knows?

Sermon on the Mount by Emmet Fox

Sermon on the Mount by Emmet Fox

Speaking of karma, Emmet Fox’s Sermon on the Mount deals with also how to also rise above your karma. And due to following its teachings for a few years, I have learned how. Thank God.

Again, I really do think karma catching is a hindrance to manifesting, as my past articles will allude in my own experiences. So yeah, it’s an all-around metaphysical Bible for learning how to remove obstacles that would prevent manifesting.

In fact, like I mention in this article of excessive pride [ego] Fox, via Jesus, basically says the same as I – and anyone who deals, teaches, or studies ego; That that’s the only true sin against your Holy Spirit, because as long as it is persisted in, nothing can be done for you. I look at it as worshiping the altar of your mind so that there can be no Spiritual recognition in which the universe would want to align itself with.

That even feels right doesn’t it? :)

But in the end, it is I who must find the correct path for me in order to manifest into the physical. The above is just a start, albeit a very solid one. The rest is an adventure.

Now go outside and play you long article reader!


Samsaras compilation for Law of Attraction and Manifestation Reading Materials

Originally published Jan 01, 2008
Updated July 05, 2012


  • Di the Colon Cleanse Buff said:

    Fantastic post. Always wondered about the manifestation as well until someone said, just like you did, that we are all on our own journey and some are able to finish that journey before others.

  • samsara (author) said:

    [Contrary to the post date, it wasn’t posted until today, January 07, 2008. Because I began writing it on the 1st is why I dated it that way as my “Kicking off the New Year” post.]

    that we are all on our own journey and some are able to finish that journey before others.

    Well that’s right, Di. We’re all at different paths and some things will work for me that may not work for you. However, I have gotten it to almost 88% in my spirit that the above four principles are necessary for MOST people to manifest.

    But as a friend and I were discussing Friday night, there are so many components to being alive…spiritually speaking…I don’t know – as much as many people are seekers – if anyone will ever have ALL the answers in absolute form.

    I believe they can vary and are so numerous and individualized that it’s impossible for any one person to state or write an article or write a book for every contingency. However, this will not stop me from trying. :)

    Thank you for your comment.

  • nor said:

    I must admit, I have always been skeptical about these things. One reason maybe, because I was raised in an evangelical church where the church’s dogma always takes precedence.

    I am willing to learn now, and I am opening my mind on these subjects.

    I am hoping to learn more from you Samsarra. Again, I was enlightened.

    Thank you so much!

  • samsara (author) said:

    You can do it. Just the four concepts are enough to start. [Nobody tells people this part.] The marketing overload just seems to be a lot of weird voodoo and mystical secrecy. Not really.

    Trust me.

    These are four simple concepts that cost nothing bu an investment of your spirit and this is where the change needs to occur – in your spirit. NOT your pocketbook or marketing materials. :)

    You can do it.

    In fact…you’re probably well on your way…

  • BillyWarhol said:

    Hmmmm Interesting* I’m trying to make some Positive Stuff Happen right now + I arrived here as a result of yer adding me on Digg + this was the Top Link*

    I realize I’m going to have to Focus in order to pull this off* The Real Clincher tho was seeing the $1 Billion Dollars!! Cuz Yes that is what I’m Going After or at least the Billionaires who can Spare a little Change or Help so I can Travel the World* I want to make some Positive Changes in the World too*

    Thanks Samasara! Billy ;)) Peace*

  • Rahsheen Porter said:

    Great post! I like what you said about Honesty with self. You can’t move forward if you have no clue where you currently stand.

    It pains me sometimes to see people around me living in their own little fantasy worlds, or just actively dismissing the truth that is right in front of them (inside of them?).

  • samsara (author) said:

    You will Billy! I know you will! ;)

    I agree so much with that Rahsheen …that honesty with self – no matter where we have to start is *the* most important. We have to acknowledge where we are, no matter where that may be. Do I HATE someone? So I have FEAR about something it’s so deeply embedded that I even have fear to acknwledge it?

    I am also equally convinced that just getting honest with ourself about it, cuts the “badness” of it in half. We spend so much time avoiding the truth that we’ve built up this imaginary huge sized idea of how big it must be. But really…it’s the fear wall that is huge.

    Once that’s been climbed and we see [the object of our denial] for what it really is, it’s still just the size of an apple. It’s manageable. Yep.

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