Manifesting Reality

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Manifesting Reality or Divine Metaphysics

It seems that the desire and sometimes almost the need for humans to change their circumstances is such an integral make-up of who we are, have we ever thought why. Almost like a hunger in the stomach that we know intuitively how to sate, why has it not yet become common knowledge how to manifest into existence a new reality?

Manifest: Clear or obvious to the eye or mind. 1. Display or show (a quality, feeling, etc.) by one’s acts, etc. 2. Show plainly to the eye or mind. 3. Be evidence of. 4. (of a thing) reveal itself.

So when I say “manifest” I mean “to bring into existence” by the action of “prayer,” “meditation,” “visualization” or some other supernatural act where it may be clear already in the “mind’s eye,” “God’s realm” or the “Spiritual realm.” Yes, this is 6th sense, metaphysical or paranormal stuff. But don’t be alarmed; There is actually a Science behind it which I won’t go into now.

It is absolutely possible to manifest a different reality into existence

I know it to be true because I have accomplished it. Surprisingly my most recent accomplished manifestation was something I’d needed for two years and not yet manifested. I’d begun the work on manifestation after I’d written the “Karmic Manifesto” article. Why had I not attempted the Spiritual Treatment on it earlier I ask myself. The answer to myself is that my ego was not ready to quit punishing me. I still had a kind karma to reap – so I did.

Devil/God, Yin/Yang, Karma/Treatment

At this point I want to communicate that there is no room for religion in this. My experiences, my truth; They understand no version of “religion.” Out of necessity I may use terms that most people can relate to but it in no way implies an endorsement or approval of the “religion” with which it may be associated. God/Spirit/Higher Being/Divine Knowledge versus Ego/Devil/Lower Energy/The Enemy are simply popular terms used to convey an idea I have and lest I were to get caught up in the rhetoric of semantics, the big-picture thought I am attempting to share will become lost.

So after my last series of nightmares and done with crying myself awake at nightmares; and done with envisioning the past haunts; and finally done with getting sick due to the cyclic nature of cellular and subconcious memory, I wrote the article. And while in bed, being sick and feverish and scared to sleep but needing too because Epstein-Barr + Empathic Nature + Emotional Exhaustion + Karma makes for needing to rest, I studied some more; Spiritual texts, and specifically one spiritual text of a metaphysical nature. I studied a lot.

Although I Knew it would Work I Hesitated

I had manifested before. It’s important for the gentle reader to grasp the full understanding that I had manifested plenty of times in my life when I absolutely needed situations and circumstances to change. Even if one finds this incredible to believe, knowing that I know this was possible – due to my belief that it had happened before – why would I be so recalcitrant to do it again – this time, when I needed it the most, after suffering extensively and so deeply?

1. Unworthiness. I believe it’s primarily because I thought that this time I had fouled up so badly; This time it wouldn’t work. I had been so used to suffering [in Karma/Hell, if you will] that I was surely convinced this time God had forsaken me. God would not listen to me. God only listens to perfect people and once I reaped my appropriate karma; Once I punished myself enough then maybe.

2. Unforgiveness. Although I believe that we are all spiritually perfect but as humans tend to be imperfect as we are…this time I felt as if my imperfection as a human surpassed my spiritual self. In earth language: I could not forgive myself at the deepest level.

3. Unbelief. My life had improved since the incident on so many levels but at the core I knew I?had “made my bed.” I had hurt people and I had acted out of self-will no matter the justification of being emotionally unwell at the time I fell into my decisions. Replaying the past over and over and my body even replaying it over and over, I was almost dead to God. I had become a Spiritual being disconnected from God and therefore no longer believed God could or would.

Finally Done with the Morass of Spiritual Loathing

I’ve heard often in my *recovery-oriented meetings* that “it takes what it takes” and I remember feeling the pride in myself when I felt as if I had coined the phrase: “Want to quit hitting new bottoms? Quit digging.” But it’s always so nicely tied with a bow when they’re just words flowing from a mouth aren’t they? There’s a Science with this too, that I – again – won’t go into here. But I’ll offer to sum it up to a particularly miraculous incident of a past manifestation that happened for me in 1996…

When I had done everything I could do. When I had tried to fix, manage, control, or even suffer enough. When I had tried every trick to manage something well and it was still a walking cumulative disaster. When I had clung, justified, re-arranged, explained…When I had gone through every last resource known to humanity; From willpower to magic, from bargaining with God to the Devil, from self-knowledge to psychic mediums and collegiate academics…When I had exhausted all of it – every single last one my limited brain was capable of discovering; Only then was I finally at that place where I was left trembling and humbly before my Divine Creator whispering, “It’s up to you.”

Spiritual Treatment = Scientific Prayer

I envision releasing my problem or source of pain as a balloon that I finally release for God to take care of.And for me, that’s when I am changeable. For others, also, I have heard the same. Some people call it “hitting their bottom” or one could phrase it as finally “letting go.” I imagine it as finally reaching the end of the string of my balloon and letting it float up to God.

But do I always have to get to such a lowly space? According to my internal truth, it says no. But yet all outward manifestations that I can remember usually require it and so I have to wonder if my pride really is so damning. Do I really have so much faith in the twisted thought that I can hate myself into agreement with my Spiritual Perfection?

I feel like I must. Among acting out with alcohol and food deprivation I also have used self injuring as an option to Emotional/Mental pain. This tells me that at some level hurting myself physically works. But it won’t work with Spiritual Law. I know this in my spirit as my heart beats but what do I do when I am in Spiritual pain, but not enough to turn to God yet? I go inside and hurt myself: I manifest karmic retribution; I manifest punishment; I manifest illness.

This is Not Unusual. We all Manifest.

Louise Hay - You Can Heal Your LifeAs bleak as this sounds, I don’t feel that it is extraordinary I seem to go through this. I’m just putting scary sounding terms to it. Everyone does this. Louise Hay manifested cancer into her reality and with releasing a resentment she healed. I healed a friend of a knee injury; and myself of astigmatism…and plenty of animals. Stories abound of people healing cancer and manifesting health into their existence. Melody Beattie manifested a better home into her existence by cultivating gratitude for the home she already had instead of cursing it.

So after finally being sick of manifesting my karma back upon myself this last time, and yes, after studying and then the insane “Karmic Manifesto” I wrote for posterity I decided to get back to what I knew. And it’s not a secret. I’m going to relay it in the words of the Master I studied because he can say it so much better than I, what precisely it was I did to become irrevocably whole again. Yes, irrevocable because events happened about two days after I began my treatment that cannot be undone. And due to those events I have released?that negative karma for good.

The Authority for Scientific Prayer

  • Jesus said: “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” [Matthew 5:48]
  • Jesus said: “I said, ye are gods; and all of you sons of the Most High.” [John 10:34]

Emmet Fox - Sermon on the Mount“He [Jesus] has here given his authority to the doctrine that it is possible for man to become Divinely perfect. And more than this, he is putting it forward as a thing that will have to be actually done. We see, therefore, from this that man cannot possibly be the miserable, hopeless, disinherited child of perdition that theology has too often represented him to be. […] Now, if we really are the children of God, capable of eternal and flawless perfection, there can be no real power in evil, not even in sin, to keep us permanently in bondage.” [Sermon on the Mount, Emmet Fox, Pg 84]

Divine Metaphysical Law

Emmet Fox’s Sermon on the Mount has been my companion since May of 2004 though I hadn’t given it undivided attention until my last Spiritual need for something to change. As soon as I began the Spiritual Treatment he consistently refers to, I could enumerate the proceeding dates and times at which miracles would happen!

For two years I would suffer from a mild to an extreme level, then finally in application of this Spiritual Treatment and in less than 7 days amazing events would transpire that may look like amazing luck or coincidence. But I believe in synchronicity and manifestation so I would have to disbelieve your accounting.

And probably more importantly, were you to disbelieve then you lack one of the fundamental needs for Divine Metaphysical Law to work for your good; Openmindedness/Faith.

So now that we have the authority to believe that we are to be Spiritually Perfect and that sin, evil [or karma – and Fox addresses karma in his book also] cannot keep us in bondage should we not choose to be, what exactly is the correct Spiritual Treatment that he puts forth as the Divine Metaphysical Law? This would be the Treatment I performed and with vigor I must say!

The secret to success in prayer [“prosperity”] relies on your mental attitude. It is a combination of “open-mindedness, faith in God, and the realization that the will of God for us is always something joyous and interesting and vital, and much better than anything we could think of for ourselves. This state of mind also includes a perfect willingness to allow this Will of God to come about in whatever way Divine Wisdom considers to be the best, rather than in some particular way that we have chosen for ourselves.” – Sermon on the Mount, Emmet Fox, Pg. 29

In this reading there are so many other examples Mr. Fox gives when faced with certain situations. But this book is based on the Spiritual Key of understanding what it truly was that Jesus was teaching on his Sermon on the Mount. He wasn’t teaching judgement and theological doctrine. He was giving a set of Metaphysical Principles that led to freedom. And when I finally wanted freedom, I practiced them and achieved it.

Update April 05 2007: The day after writing this article as well as creating the pink balloon in the clouds image, I ran an errand. I saw the same color pink balloon in the clouds so very high and couldn’t help but notice how I felt that to be a strange synchronicity of events. First, I have never noticed a pink balloon being used for advertising. Secondly, it was only one balloon and it seemed to be higher than usual. Whether right or wrong I took it as God wanting my attention to that balloon to give me a wink and a smile, “Yes, you do that. You release that stuff to me. Good things will follow.”

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  • Suzann said:

    Love your site. I’m so glad you’re writing it, it’s full of excellent information. It’s going in my Favorites.

    With warmest regards,

  • John said:

    Dear Samsara,
    Thank you for your lovely and intelligent site, full of common sense and cutting through all the rubbish that is scattered on other sites everywhere re this topic. I have a question that I haven’t seen answered anywhere, but it is very close to my heart. Namely: is it possible to “manifest” the learning of a foreign language, e.g. Japanese? I mean, what would you say to the “universe” and what would one expect for one to become fluent? Of course, one would have to do some work etc., but I haven’t read anywhere of anyone succeeding in actually accomplishing or realising such a wish (and for me it is my burning desire… could be a longing for a former life….). Many thanks, John

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