What The Bleep Do We Know: Down The Rabbit Hole

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What the Bleep Do We Know Down the Rabbit HoleEver since I bought What the Bleep Do We Know, the book, I have really enjoyed that I was able to find and watch the movie online. In fact, I think I began reading What the Bleep, then found the movie, and then continued reading What the Bleep.

The book [non-fiction] is a lot different than the movie where the movie has a paralleling side story of a woman who is experiencing the concepts of the book, while real life experts offer their perceptions of the quantum mechanics. The book actually goes into detail and marries the quantum universe with the physical manifestation, offering examples anyone can understand.

I would highly suggest the book where, to me, the movie was really an introduction to the book.

And of course, you can also purchase the movie (What the Bleep DVD). But if you need to spend money on something, I would spend it on the book as there is so much more in the book. Also, there is no narrative of a woman going through her quantum-manifesting-into-material life in case that kind of thing does not appeal to you. The truth is, if you read and love the book like I did, you will see that the only person involved in any of this drama called life is you. And if you have a problem with this paradoxical metaphor, do not worry. The book will explain it. :)

What the Bleep Do We Know BookWho would love this book

  • If you love the thought that God and Science can merge and not be divided, you would love this book.
  • If you are a Highly Sensitive Person you would definitely love this book. It will fire your imagination and pave the way for even more manifestation and metaphysical magic in your life.
  • If you have an open mind and know that God and Science are not as divided as (some?) religion/s would have you believe.

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