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Samsara attempts to explore a few key & perhaps seemingly unrelated themes in Living Samsara.

Physical Plane: Issues she would describe as “earthly issues”; Those qualities characterized by physical manifestations in this world. Traits of dis-ease, such as Codependency and her own previous alcohol dependency, Samsara attempts a critical look into her own recovery and responsiveness to these issues in day to day living. Challenging to perhaps an HSP.

She’ll also examine current trends in society as well as reviewing patterns that are brought into her attention, along with references to books, mentors, or groups who have affected or continue to affect this recovering from dis-ease process.

Spiritual Plane: If earth-issues are qualified by their existence in the physical plane, then the spiritual plane could be said to encompass the things, happenings, or designs not plainly seen or observed with the 5 senses. Issues such as manifesting our realities, negative thinking or negative speech bringing about our negative results, what our dreams try to tell us, karma and karma-releasing, synchronicity or coincidence, and other experiences that may be described as metaphysical, paranormal or supernatural. Samsara is particularly intrigued and excited about discussing Metaphysical Spirituality with theological [theosophical] parallels in Eastern philosophies, the Gnostic Texts, and other fascinating points of view. Being an HSP makes this easy.

The HSP and Physical/Spiritual Connection

Between the world and the spirit, perhaps that connecting link (?), Samsara found the term, “Highly Sensitive Person” to be that type of person who may be the very walking personification of the Human Spirit and the Divine. Some visuals: If most earth people are 80/20 then the HSP could be 20/80…or if earth people are opaque while “spirit” or “the Divine” is invisible, the HSP is transluscent… Some of you really liked that analogy, huh? ;)

Before her research and collaboration with other Highly Sensitives as well as particular studies and her own experiences, Samsara thought her physical existence was simply one of hypersensitivity to external stimuli. This was such a given for her that when she found a certain book describing these traits she felt as if she had arrived home.

It did not occur to her that this new term she had just learned – circa 2005 – may also explain the radical matters of Spirit or the supernatural she had encountered since a small child. She began having suspicions that it may explain these episodic tendencies however when she realized the parallels of energy. “If a TV is on in another room and I can feel that vibrational energy could that also explain why I can feel the energy of another person’s feeling?” she said to herself.

She then began studying up on waves, particles and energy as well as going back to a refresher of understanding “The Quantum Domain” from Deepak Chopra’s Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire. This would lay the foundation of her research into believing that the HSP was more than just Sensitive to physical conditions but also more prone than most to paranormal, mystical, and metaphysical experiences.

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“Losing my way before I knew I had one and today knowing that though I have a path, can I stay the course or even elevate myself to better? Can I help others in finding or staying their own path? I feel that dharma will show me how and karma will lead me.”


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