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  1. You may freely use any portion of anything at this site non-commercially as long as a link back to the original article or page where you found the image or text.
  2. You may freely use any image or media non-commercially as long as you do not hotlink and you are so kind as to link back.
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Creative Commons License

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

Digital Copyrights: Don’t steal someone else’s hard work unless they have given you permission. If you take something from someone withOUT permission, at least have the courtesy of attributing them their work or linking back to their site. Some very talented people spend their precious time writing, creating or designing just to have someone come along, snag their work and get credit for it….meantime, people are copying the image or text they stole and using it themselves and they don’t care because they stole it themself! So then it gets into the public domain and now the author or artist is screwed out of any recognition (or income) making possibility just because one person decided it might be “cute” on their website or Facebook. So at least attribute when you can! It’s just good karma.

More Information in Details & Specifics

Stealing Bandwidth or Hotlinking from my site. Please don’t do it.

Hotlinking is when a person uses a code to render an image from my server to their website. It’s theft. I may replace the image you’re hot-linking with one that may be illegal for your website. I absolutely will replace it if I see that not even an attempt was made to try to give me credit or a link. Even with permission to use an image of mine with correct attribution doesn’t mean you may use my bandwidth too. It bogs my server down and that means I pay for it. Instead, use a free image host like photobucket or image shack!

Accessing this site, registration & commenting.

Registration not necessary. You do not need to register with this site in order to comment. However, when you comment, an email address will be required that will not be published. It will also not be collected, harvested, sold, distributed or used to send you anything other than if you have decided to receive updates to the comments. In that case, it’s an automatic distribution to your email and not a personal notification.

Commenting. I will delete comments that flame, harass, threaten or are otherwise vulgar or breaks any law that I know of. I am not responsible for the content of comments though I will do my best to keep this a safe place to respond. You may disagree with me; Add links to your comments; Make suggestions and so forth! I value your comments.

Blatant rudeness, trolling, inflammatory or commenting for the sake of spamming will be deleted without hesitation. Your IP may also be banned. Depending on the severity of your offense, your ISP may be notified.

Spam. I have two spam filters for comments in place. I may blacklist your IP. I may block your email. I may not let your comment through. I may report you to your ISP. I may report an open port to a hijacked server. I may track you down and report you criminally. So, don’t abuse my server. Thanks.

Links, Affiliates, and other off-site links.

I will do my best to make clear the links that lead offsite. I will do my best to never link something that is questionable, dishonorable, engaging in spyware, adware, tracking cookies and so forth. The policies in place to offsite links and other websites will be different than mine but be aware that if I ever gain knowledge that a website I have linked has turned over to the dark-side I will either de-link it, de-list it, or refuse sponsorship from it.

Sponsorships and paid advertisements.

Like above, I will do my level best to not accept paid advertisements for sites that I find questionable. I will block ads that I find offensive. I will disallow websites in exchange for money that I find questionable. If you find something offensive or you have something to report or some concerns please contact me. I want to know your thoughts or your experience.

Content. The content at this site is influenced in no way shape or form by sponsors or paid advertisements.

Site statistics, cookies, and tracking you.

This site collects non-personal aggregate data using various counters and trackers. I do this for advertising purposes, abuse prevention, and general information about where traffic is coming from and for performance. Your IP is recorded and logged. This information will not be made public in which to ever personally identify you or to invade your privacy unless it is needed for law enforcement due to inappropriate behavior on your part. Your information is safe here.

Contact Me.

If you email me, your email address is safe. I am not a company. I am a person and only one at that. If any of these policies concern you or you want to ask a question or make a comment or complaint, email me.

Modified June 23, 2012