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Highly Sensitive Person and the Paranormal

Click to read Astral Dreaming Dark PresenceMy recent article on Astral Projection and Dark Presence as well as the experience itself, has had my thinking of my HSP-ness with more depth recently.

HSP: HSP is an acronym for “Highly Sensitive Person.” In addition to being Sensitive to noise, tastes, smells, sounds, and even feelings, pain, or medicine, the HSP has a special light. Some people believe – as I do, after extensive interviews, research and a general watching and identification with others – that HSP’s are very “special” people…

The HSP in the Day to Day

The major problems with being HSP can be, perhaps, obvious. Ordinary noise can be extra-sensory overload. Needing more quiet time than most other people could have social implications. Thinking and feeling more deeply than the other 88% of the population may have them wanting to commit you to your closest psych institution. Much fondness and identification for and with animals causes extensive heartbreak at their loss. Disillusionment with society at large, based in others’ misperceptions of us could prohibit our “good work.” Feeling always somehow different as we watch the other so-called *normal* people function with relative ease…Where their left foot right foot day to day leaves us maybe in bewildered states of awe. How do they do that?”

abraham maslow hierarchy of human needsWell, now for the next phase of discovering our HSP-ness. Once we understand or can identify this as what we are, particularly with others like us, our social need is fulfilled. Our need for social understanding among our peers begins to take hold. Remember Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? Okay so then we move into esteem/ego area. We’re now feeling more okay with ourselves. Finally, at long last we are understood and accepted…We seem to now have a bedrock of grounding that propels us into “independence.” We are now secure enough to move into the “I am.”

Now what does our HSP really mean? We’re done with needing “to fit in” because we do. We’re done with “learning how to cope” because we have the benefit and experience of our peers to help us. We no longer feel the need to be isolated with the “who we really are” and so now where are we? Who are we? What is our potential as human beings?

I believe HSP’s are “Light-Workers,” “Indigo,” “Gifted,” “Chosen,” “Psychic,” “Intuitive,” “Empathic,” “Enlightened,” “Called”… I believe that a culmination of terms could be used to describe the true gifts or qualities of the HSP.

The Highly Sensitive Person and the Paranormal or Supernatural

If you think you may be HSP here are some qualities of myself and my friends that I have compiled. Ask yourself if you have ever had experience with any of the following:

  1. Dreams. Vivid dreams. Astral projection. Lucid dreaming. Prophetic Dreams. Highly symbolic. And of course you dream in color! (When the scientists said that people dreamed in black and white you knew this to be untrue for you and were baffled.)
  2. Paranormal sight. Seeing things that could be described as paranormal. Have you ever seriously “seen a ghost” or “energy” or “aura?” Have you seen things move with no provocation? (Do you cringe when you hear people talk smarmily about “ghost sightings?” Do you hardly ever relay your own experiences?)
  3. Paranormal auditory. [Clairaudience] Have you heard things that could not be explained? For example, laughter in the other room when no one was in there. The jingle of a cat collar behind you in the kitchen but you have no cats. [Yet you suspect it was your cat who passed away.] Your dad calling your name from downstairs but he wasn’t home.
  4. Paranormal feeling. [Clairsentience] Have you ever met someone and known right then the condition of their spirit, mood, or life? Have you known a person’s ulterior motive yet their mouth was speaking differently than you were feeling? Contrary to maybe a group of people’s idea, did you know the idea to be different than what was being sold? Were any of your feelings later validated? [Yet you refused to say “I knew it!”]
  5. Thought reading. [Telepathy.] Particularly saying something that someone would confess “I was just thinking that.” [I think everyone has. Among HSP’s we tend to exchange energy more freely with each other and perhaps occurs more frequently.]
  6. Influence. [Telekinesis] Have you ever for example had your television go out and then with a “Oh stop” it came back? Have you ever (probably inadvertantly) thought-suggested something and then your friend brings it up? (With my dog it was a game. I’d think, “Want to go outside?” And there she was. Head perked and tail wagging.)
  7. Visions. Past, future or unexplained? Maybe you’ve had a dream, or a dream series that would later present itself. [Article of my biggest life-changing dream series.] When I say “past” I mean to say that once – in twilight sleep, a hypnogogic state – I had a vision of me and my beloved in Egypt. We were Egyptians and we were saying goodbye to each other. Just a thought? A vision? Don’t know.
  8. Seeker. Seeker/Fighter. Always searching for the higher spiritual calling. Have you understood, since you’ve been a small child that there was a special connection between you and the Divine? Have you particularly rebelled at this for whatever reason? Have you allowed alcohol, drugs, or other human distractions to numb you from this calling?
  9. Coincidence. [Synchronicity] Have you been prone to noticing the ease with which certain things occur for you? Can you notice when the Divine has you on a certain path or mission? Do these coincidences seemingly happen to you more so than other people to the extent that you don’t bother explaining when a casual friend is in awe that something you absolutely needed to happen happened?
  10. Empathic. Giving and Receiving Energy, Spirit, or Emotions. Do animals, children and certain people seem drawn to you? Are there people you know who have physically made you sick or very tired? Have you often felt so open that anxiety attacks seemed only seconds away? Do certain situations seem to be okay with other people, yet you’re feeling like “What the…?” Have you been depressed for no apparent reason to discover a loved one was in pain? Do you have friends “on your radar?”

Highly Sensitive Person Quiz

I made a 5 part HSP Quiz that addresses the day to day of High Sensitivity – as well as the Highly Sensitive Person and the Paranormal. As you will see in the quiz, it’s possible to be HSP and not experience paranormal or supernatural phenomenon in your life. BUT, as these pages will confirm, the high incidence of paranormal or supernatural experiences by HSP’s is no small coincidence.

Click to take the Highly Sensitive Person Quiz

Celestine Prophecy MovieWatching The Celestine Prophecy two nights ago – which was based on the like-named book – brought this all together for me as yet another validation that there is a higher calling for the HSP gifted. I could not believe that my life was there in that movie…my beliefs, my seeking, my philosophy on spirituality. It propelled me to add books for the HSP-inclined to the “Samsara bookstore” over and beyond the discovery phase of “dealing with being Highly Sensitive.”

Being a Highly Sensitive Person, I believe, is a gift. Once I overcame the distinction of feeling unusual and odd, I was able to embrace the gifts of the being.



  • catnappiing said:

    I’ve seen ghosts and felt presences. I also see little “spheres.” They’re kinda like the ghosts, but small and round, and different colours. black, brown, red and blue. Some have been intricate…almost lacey in appearance.

    And one night, when I was feeling particularly desperate for my husband, I could swear he put his arms around me. It was almost a physical sensation.

  • samsara (author) said:

    The spheres I think are called orbs and frequently I have seen my animals look at something I cannot see – have taken a photo and then when I look at it in the computer…sure enough, a hazy, opaque orb.

    What they are, precisely… [ghosts?] I do not know. Heck I don’t even know how to define ghost. But they’re paranormal cause I can’t explain it. :)

    Your husband with his arm around you reminds me of when my sister and I heard our Dad call us from downstairs to help with the groceries, “Girls” he’d shouted. Ten minutes or so I got up and looked out the back window – wondering why he’d not called us again [we were 10 and 11 and into our video games] and why he’d not yet come upstairs. The car wasn’t in the driveway and the parents wouldn’t return for another half hour or so.

  • EternalDreamersweet16 said:

    ive been in situations where ill be grooming a horse in an old barn(150-200yrs old)and ill sense and see the spirits of horses that have long since been dead,this is a gift and a curse as i have had some rather frightening experiences of this kind in wich i saw the maimed ghost of a horse that had 157 yrs previously had burnt to death in a barn fire caused by a smoking, drunken, young stablehand..i was working as a stablehand at the time and the horses spirit warned me of the entire herd getting loose..if it werent for that specter..we would have lost the herd on the highway..40 geldings..bless that horses lingering soul.ill never forget that experience!(eek!)

  • samsara (author) said:

    I agree indeed. A gift and a curse. Somehow I haven’t figured out how to filter the bad experiences from the pleasant ones. I do pray though…and when a particularly horrific supernatural event seems to be passing, closing my eyes and humming doesn’t hurt either. :)

  • Michael said:

    I’m sure I’m not the only male in the world who is endowed with this gift but it often feels like such. In a world where a ‘sensitive man’ is an almost oxymoron, being who I am has always been much more important to me that what other people thought of me. So at the risk of ridicule and becoming an outcast, I embraced little by little this ‘feeling’ within myself.

    I’ve always had the ability to see inside someone’s soul, to see their true intentions and their motives without much effort. Although it would seem to me that I was ‘crazy’ (I know I’m not for rarely do crazy people KNOW they are crazy..anyways), I also felt like I was given this path, this purpose for some reason beyond my understanding. I often surprise my friends by my abliity to get to the root of their problems and see within their souls exactly what they need, and because of this revelation in myself I have redirected my life’s path into a direction of becoming a therapist so that other’s can benefit from this ability.

    Yet until recently was there a ‘category’ to help define what I am, a Highly Sensitive Person. It made me feel less alone in the world, so that has helped tremendously.

    I’m not sure how I stumbled upon your profile, but there must have been a purpose in finding this path. So thank you. :-)

  • Amanda said:

    I am looking for some good reading material for my increase in clairaudio ability. Before I would have about two experiences a year with paranormal audio or visual …but now the audio is frequent. It used to be just when it was raining….but now it just has to be a damp night. Before it was just in my living space…but now it is everywhere I go….at night. It wakes me up. Like a faint party at night (people walking up stairs, having conversations, turning off lamps that don’t exist, breaking things that don’t exist..etc..etc. that I’m sleeping through…or trying to anyway:> I am a little freaked out…and looking for guidance. There is so much information out there….and I don’t know where to start.

  • samsara (author) said:

    Michael – It’s great to see an HSP man. Every time I see an HSP man coming to the realization I am grateful. To go against the stereotypical “strong insensitive” man has got to not be so easy. To deny yourself though, as you implied, would be more difficult. Because most people haven’t made it to this ascension doesn’t mean the HSP male is more rare than females. I think acknowledging it may be harder for men based on what we seem to associate with the the word “Sensitive.” However, I could have called HSP, just as easily, “Indigo” or “Ascended” or “Enlightened” or …? Even if those words aren’t accurate – they’re just words we need to agree on that define a set of characteristics we can understand. So. Welcome to the world. :)

    Amanda – Mine has happened on and off too…and I guess I have never noticed what the weather is like. Lately I haven’t been having many [unusual] experiences. I know it’s not schizophrenia or anything of that nature because I’ve never heard “voices commanding or telling me stuff” and so forth.

    Yes…I have heard parties, bells, ringings, and stairs [when I lived in a home with stairs]…and less regularly, conversations and laughter in a room.

    I have heard a dog shake as if he were just coming in from outside but no dog is behind me. I have heard my old kitties bell around her neck ring but she was since passed…Things like this.

    I bought Sylvia Browne’s “Contacting your Spirit Guide” and I have to say that though I don’t really know how I feel about that…in her CD that is included with the book she tells one of the audience members [who hears things too] something to the affect that she had “gone higher.”

    I do not know what that means but the women seemed receptive so there must be something to it [at least in those sorts of circles] that is a generally accepted answer. Sylvia, in this CD also warns the difference between schizophrenia and actual clairaudience.

    I absolutely know where you are. I am there too.

    Although I’ve not sought any material out for clairaudience I feel very sure it exists. It would be nice to know what it is, what it means, and why it happens sometimes. I wonder if you find anything would you let me know?

  • upnheavn said:

    hi, i couldn’t help reading a few blogs and i’m not really sure what to make of all of this. extremely “highly sensitive”, i have always been close to “the other side”,,, so i believe. i have seen a ghost, captured a few orbs in pictures but i’m more interested in my dreams. lately, i have had some pretty wild ones. i am merely suspended in air! last night i had a dream that i was in a baby’s room or a young childs room that i believe had passed away. the mother and someone else, of who i know/knew, unfortunately,,, can’t remember their names,,, (though if i delged deep enough i may be able to recall.) showed me the room where the girl had lived/stayed. as i approached, the wall which the bed was against, began to light up with bright neon red purple blue and green lights. I knew immediately that she was with us. my body, as in many other different and bizzare dreams, became suspended. i am so aware of what is going, although asleep, i feel the suspension but have absolutely no controll over my body.
    i love the experiences and would like to know what energy, power, entity, or reasoning may be causing occurances like these. have you experienced dreaming like this?

  • Amanda said:

    It is interesting what people are interested in. I am not so much interested in dreams or other psychic avenues because they do not effect me (that often) …or maybe I am limited compared to some people I think right now in psychic ability. maybe will be forever, who knows.
    No one talks to me in my clairaudience. Yet. The second that happens I probably will be more freaked out. I even think that I may block things sometimes, just because I can’t completely kick the fear.I just hear sounds and conversations (muffled) that do not involve me. I am in a different mindframe now, and am busier trying to just get things done. I finally got enough nerve to tell my parents about my crazy month of April, not being able to sleep past 3 with being woken up with all kinds of unusual audio surprises on rainy nights. My dad oddly shut me down verbally right away, my mom reminded me that my dad spent the majority of his late 30s trying to astro travel. My dads family history is loaded with premonition dreams and actions in support of or experiences that happened in spite of these. Looks like I have aquired some new skills later in life. Didn’t get it from my side of the family, she said.

  • upnheavn said:

    well,, so i find myself back

  • upnheavn said:

    with an unintentional submission,,, dreams… significance? what was posted did have meaning. not two days after having left my message,,, a true and dear 86,7,or 8 year old grandfather, of no blood relation, “friend of a family” to me passed of cancer. it’s so weird. there is a concrete parallel connection. if never informed, never known. however otherwise, through conversation, a connection can be made. i may see him in my dreams. and i plan too.
    my fourth grade teacher at a time long ago just passed of cancer. why i went to her wake?,, not sure. the following evening she visited me in a dream. i look forward to meeting and seeing those again who have left us. why? not sure. but just seeing them again so soon after they leave makes anticipating my next contection with whomever that much more welcome.

  • Danie said:

    I found this web site while I was looking for answers about my lucid dreaming that I’ve had since I can remember. I wanted to know if it is possible to tell time or read while in a lucid dream state, but found no answers. In one dream of my dreams I read the date my son was born before I knew I pregnant, and the day my grandfather died. The only way I came to figure this out is because I immediately wrote these dates down when I woke up and put it in my daughters baby book. When we moved I came across it and realized what I had already known, and there is a third date set for the future still. This frightens me, and I am searching for answers.

  • upnheavn said:

    i’m not one that’s much for answering questions when it comes to being gifted, blessed, or touched in ways that most people are not. i as well have had dreams where numbers are seen and yes, they do represent meaning and purpose. 6188 was all that i could remember. so i took this number to the jewler and picked out an engagement ring that,,, low and behold,, was in fact,,, $6,188.00 . I couldn’t believe it, and neither could the lady assisting. i told her that i had this very bizzare dream that i believed described the cost of the ring. i, like you, saw the number vividly. when it was all put together, tax included, i saw the number on the calculator exactly as i did in the dream. it’s too bad though that numbers can not predict the future. i mean,,, three years after the engagement, three months after the wedding, we were divorced. i was however left with a memory. there has to be an association in this sort of dream state and your level of dreaming. most people can’t recall dreaming at all. i feel bad for them. pending on how vivid your dreams are and often you do dream in this sort of sense, dreaming can help you plan for events in your life that you may not unfortunately be able to control, however help you to prepare for and learn how to deal with something such as the birth of a new born child or death of a family member if in fact the association of your numbers coincide with real life family experiences. sounds like something is in your futures forecast!

  • khristy said:

    Hi, so I was just reading your articles and I have come to the conclusion that I am highly sensitive. I have rally known that for years but now more than ever I need to be in touch with my gift. There has been an entity that has been following me lately, I have seen him several times and in several places but mostly in my room at night! Normally this would not bother me but I can feel it growing stronger and becoming more of a threat. I can’t quite pin point what is causing this yet but I think the spirit is attached to something that we recently brought into the house! Is this normal! I mean does stuff like this happen to you? It might just be my senses getting stronger or we could just have a big problem! I just have an overwelming feeling of doom! I am still very young, only 17 and I’m not sure how to get control of all this yet! Any advice would help! Please e-mail me as soon as Possible

    Thank you

  • UPNHEAVN said:

    it would be nice to have all the answers. recognition could be described as a condition that everybody is born with. developing this however can be very difficult. what’s being recognized depends on personal experience. no two ever the same. maybe occurrances, not instances. associating personal experience with what seems to be unnatural human experience i believe is normal.
    for example, one tells a friend of an unexplained experience, (maybe not). levels of interest will always vary. regardless of response, ones own desire and level of interest help attribute to finding answers about what “special gifts”, in fact really are.
    in touch with “extra senses” exist. not all the same, some alike. negative energies are everywhere. physical or not, they exist. good fortune doesn’t appear just in monetary measures. it’s a power far greater than any tangible object. unexplained phenomenon’s, will continue. some good, some not so good. real life experiences are not be related with paranormal excperiences. there’s no direct link. there shouldn’t be. that’s why it’s a gift!

  • Seb said:

    I met God today. It’s not the first time I’ve met him. Today he was disguised as an oldish man. He had white hair and a white beard – he has a sense of humour you see. We chatted for a while in a lovely park overlooking a stretch of water, just about nasty motorists and nice cyclists. The usual cyclists’ banter. He was very forgiving, understandably, about the lorry driver who had knocked him off a while ago.

    The last two or three times I met him, he was Asian. I’m not special. Maybe a bit cuckoo, I don’t know. But people meet him every day and don’t even realise.

  • saphirelightz said:

    I have often had dreams that seem to be going on while I am awake, today I had my most vivid and it frightened me…..I was in bed and it was 330a and I heard children laughing in the hall and one of the bedrooms, now I have a 17yr boy and 12 boy, but they were sound asleep, I then saw a man in a dark blue suit sit on my bed and he was talking to a child, then in another instance I saw a woman trying to keep my door closed there were bright colors on the other side and I felt she did not want it to come in,,,,,,I also feel presence at times…..I also am not psychotic or schizophrenic…………….it is just these last one I was sitting up in bed and all this was happening

  • jaanet said:

    This is very interesting, I haven’t seen a ghost or orbs but I’ve felt them and had to tell them to leave. 3 seperate occassions. I met a psysic who told me a had “visitors” popping in and out of my life all the time, when i asked him to define ‘visitors’ he told me the afterlife…it almost felt like a confirmation of my hunches for so long, I ended up running off a little frightened…but it was like he told something that I already knew. I was 17 at the time.

    Now in my 30’s, almost every day I get a sign that I am on the right path. Something rediculous will pop in my head, like an old actor or a 1950s telephone. And by the end of the day it is brought up by someone else or I come accross it. Very strange but this happens almost daily. I take this as Gods way of telling me I am right where I’m supposed to be.

    I am extremely sensitive to outside “noise” I hate busy places and prfer to sit in the corner. I get overwhelmed very easily with noise. I cannot take medicatiion for anything- even birth control – beacuse it effects me too much.

    Anyway I’m glad I found this site!

  • samsara (author) said:

    I am grateful for all of your sharing. In the version 2.0 of this site, there will be a forum for people to come together and share their stories. :)

    Janet you said: Now in my 30’s, almost every day I get a sign that I am on the right path. Something rediculous will pop in my head, like an old actor or a 1950s telephone. And by the end of the day it is brought up by someone else or I come accross it. Very strange but this happens almost daily. I take this as Gods way of telling me I am right where I’m supposed to be.

    I believe that. You’re listening to your intuitive voice…the way God communicates with us. That is so inspired you see it that way because that, too, is how I see it. I am also sensitive to outside noise. :)

    To others…I am sorry I have been MIA. I moved hosting providers and still am undergoing tweaks. Hope you’ve been having an interesting life!

  • rainer said:

    dear samsara, I enjoyed reading this post and I will come back to read further post of yours on this topic. Great stuff. :-)

  • Samantha said:

    i relate to everything you have said, a little freaked out cause i didnt know that there was other people that knew the same things i was going through. As much as you know theres a few kinks ive been trying to work out with “another world” i like to call it. Im not some wierd 40 something yearold with no life. Im a teenager who’s asking for your help. If you would, please email me if its not any trouble.
    I would love to talk to someone who would understand where im coming from.
    But if i dont hear from you, thanks for the website anyway, i understand now its something i have to balance out with my life that some people wont understand….seriously, thank you.

  • Mike said:

    I have to say, this is a great site. I am in an interesting situation. I am an HSP, and have recently started dating and HSP. She got readings off of me right away, and that is part of the reason she went out with me, because she could sense who I am. Is there anyone else out there who an HSP and dating an HSP? I’d love to hear your experiences. As far as my story goes, I stumbled upon HSP literature probably six months ago, as I was really bothered and tired of how sensitive I was to things, particularly relationships, and started to realize and understand that there is more going on here than I realize. My particular gift is being an empath. I feel and attach myself to people’s pain especially, and also have this ability, as Michael stated, to get to the root of people’s problems, more specifically who they are as a person. Now, I have noticed that we seem to have the good along with the bad. My struggle is with worry/anxiety to the point of it being OCD. It comes more strongly every time I start a new relationship. I feel like there’s this scared little boy in me, afraid of being hurt, and he likes to find every reason to not be doing this. The woman I started dating is an amazing woman, and like i said, she is an HSP too. I sense from her that she is very sincere and caring, so I have no reason not to fear anymore, but I still do. She has proven herself to me many times already that she is committed to me and devoted to me. I am curious to also know if there is anyone else out there who struggles with this, and what they do to change that. These feelings literally drain me of energy, and I know I shouldn’t be focused on them. My girlfriend is good, in that she is completely honest with me, even with her own feelings with things like this. This is about the first time I have tried to be open with mine, and find this part of me extremely difficult to share. Any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.

  • Joy said:

    I’m not sure if I’m a HSP. Since I was a kid I’ve always felt like I didn’t belong here or didn’t fit in. I am almost sensitive to everything – it’s terrible really. People think that I’m way too sensitive or just crazy. I also suffer from sleepparalysis and when it happens, dead people and shadow beings try to contact/scare me. I never see the dead but I hear them. Shadow beings on the other hand I see clearly, they scare the crap out of me:(
    Recently I started to hear ghosts (I think it’s ghosts) at my inlaws house. The other night when I was asleep something woke me up, ten seconds later I heard a man singing jazz. He didn’t scare me at all it was actually funny, he sounded happy. Am I crazy or am I a HSP??? Please help

  • Joy said:

    This is a message for Seb..
    I’m a bit curious – are you sure that it was “God” and not an angel? I’ve never heard that God (I call him the creator) materializes himself into a person. But if “he” does then… wow!!

  • samsara (author) said:

    Joy said Recently I started to hear ghosts (I think it’s ghosts) at my inlaws house. The other night when I was asleep something woke me up, ten seconds later I heard a man singing jazz. He didn’t scare me at all it was actually funny, he sounded happy. Am I crazy or am I a HSP??? Please help

    Hahaha! I have had those strange happenings too. I think the first time I heard music, though, I was 17. Maybe my experience can offer you some ideas where and what it was. [Ghosts…I use this term when explaining to “earth” people but often I think it could just be displaced energy or something similar.]

    My sister and I were listening to a certain cassette tape…over and over again. We loved this tape. At night when we went to sleep I could *conjure[?]* the artist singing the song…complete with the instruments [guitar, drums, etc.]

    Now…what this “conjure” means, I do not know. I was able to “re-play” it precisely in my brain so that I could hear it with my ears? Or was I able to astral project my hearing back into the past to actual hearing it? I still do not know but wanted to share the story in case it offers some insight to you. :)

    HSP’s/Indigos/Lightworkers… There is definitely something different with us and I am confident in 500 years [if we survive 2012] there will be explanations.

  • samsara (author) said:

    Mike –

    Self-sabotage? Me too. In fact, THIS relationship I am in now. Even after a few years of being together I still make statements, “If you don’t like it then, break up with me.” [Although it would break my heart.] So why do I do it? Do I have abandonment issues? [Probably. My real dad and mom divorced when I was 4 turning 5.] Do I have unresolved issues in which therapy could be beneficial? probably. :) But do I believe therapy should be a substitute for life experience? Nah.

    I would suggest affirmations. I would also suggest “You Can Heal your Life” because I learned in this book my first affirmations that began healing me. Because we ARE [HSP’s] prone to subliminal messaging, I believe it’s the best antidote to the negative messages our childhood received!

    When I practiced the “I Accept Myself” affirmation as the book suggested, for example, I was able to quit mouth biting [self-inflicted pain] after 15 years of it! As a result, I am a HUGE believer in affirmations ESPECIALLY for HSP’s. [I also, as a matter of metaphysical interest, think WE are more prone to altering our world more easily than the “logicians” of the world.]

    I look at us as God’s chosen sons and daughters; we ARE creators [as in the image of our “Father”] and we _CAN_ “Ask and it will be given.”

    For example…read my post script here [Manifesting Reality] for what happened AFTER I made the image in that post. THIS is what happens to me [ta all HSP’s I believe] when we begin the path we’re we’re supposed to be on. It’s like the universe is letting us know through synchronicity that we’re on the right path and to keep going.

    The secret is that it only means TO US what it means. Do not expect anyone else to get it or to feel the “thrill” in your heart or brain for getting the validation. It’s only SUPPOSED to be a message for you. And how do you know it’s a validation? When that’s the first thing your spirit feels.

    This is my experience and I hope it somehow helps you.


  • Sue said:

    I was just wondering,my grandmother has passed away last year and twice I could of sworned that I saw her.Once in a restaurant and another time when I was driving around. I was wondering what it could meen

  • Liz said:

    I just stumbled on this article today and once I read the explanation of HSP it’s like a light was turned on in a dark room. I have had numerous paranormal experiences the most recent being a man asking me for help.

    I have also had many experiences of people I either didn’t know well or not at all telling me their life story or asking me for advice and then saying, ‘I feel so comfortable around you.’ There have even been many strangers who stop me and tell me that I have a beautiful smile or a warm glow about me.

    This article has finally explained a lifetime of questions and feelings of being too sensitive or too much of a deep thinker. :)

  • Joleen said:

    Sorry I am a newbie to all of this, but am looking for a little guidance or input…

    I never knew what the word or acronym was for what I was going through. I have seen “things,people” and have been in locations as a small child where I knew where everything was. My mother(she passed sometime ago) would just stare at me. There have been both positive and negative energy. At one point in my life I just begged for them to stop because, people would think I was crazy.

    Finally there was nothing for years. Then there were a few “episodes or very well detailed things acted out while sleep walking”. My then spouse tried to describe them to me, frightened of his reaction I tried to dismiss them. He even tried talking to a few people who also dismissed them. He was never a believer but after these he was convinced there was something not of this world going on. It stopped once we moved out of the house.

    I started a new job in a major city. After a week in my department one of my co-workers approached me and said “your sensitive aren’t you?” I was so confused about that question. I had never shared anything with him or anyone else out of shame, especially being a practicing catholic. It was nice not to feel embarrassed or ashamed.

    Most recently I was asleep in bed and began awakening to make a trip to the bathroom, when I turned my head a very clear whisper said my name. I didnt recognize the voice, but I wasnt frightened either.

    I guess I am wondering if these things could be starting back up again? My brother who is extremely sensitive says I shouldn’t ignore these messages, if thats what they are.

    again just looking for some guidance…


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