Sensitivity in an Insensitive World

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Are you a Highly Sensitive Person living in a (seemingly) insensitive world?

That’s a lonely feeling isn’t it? I remember feeling that way more than I did not feel that way. And, of course, because my life has not arrived into a state of Utopia, I still feel that way sometimes; Misunderstood, lonely, alone, sensitive, shy, introverted, or even moody. 

Do you want a solution? Hopefully this article can delve a little into how we can make some perception shifts and small changes so that our *insensitive* world either does not seem so insensitive or, even better, that we begin to not notice the insensitivity! For HSP’s [and it may be due to our very high intelligence…:)] this is no easy feat. And although that was a rather flip statement I made regarding high intelligence, I meant it for the most part. I have never met a dull HSP. I have met some HSP’s who did not have command of the written language or had poor spelling or grammar but the poignancy in which they would express themselves, would reveal that they were in fact true specimens of the Highly Sensitive modality! I know this, because we are quite unique.

Some Validation of your Highly Sensitive Person Status

A large part of my insecurity in this world came from not being validated as “normal” or “okay.” So I tried very hard to change characteristics of myself in order to be seen as “normal” or “okay.” The consequence is that not only was I now worse off, but even my acts of “normalcy” did not pan out and, in addition, I suffered from intense feelings of lower self-esteem.

Think about this for a moment: If the who you are is a standard deviation or so from the *normal* bell curve and you already feel like an unaccepted-into-this-world-freak, think logically about how you would feel if you practiced being within that bell curve and still were not accepted? At least in the first scenario, where you are being true to yourself, you are being who you are. And you may think it ridiculous, but I think it as truth that when we truly do honor who we are, the opinions of other people do not matter!

But for this section I want to validate that you are weird! Yes you are! Wonderfully, beautifully, exceptionally, and uniquely weird! You have an intuitive depth – or a deeply held spiriitual knowing – that some people may be flummoxed, bewildered, or threatened by! Our little secret is that they needn’t be! They do not know you for the lightworker or spiritual human I know you to be! So some people fear or dislike you if they sense this; But rest assured, most of these people are spiritually stunted and hence, why the fear! They fear you may see something in them they do not want to acknowledge. But again, it’s our secret that you are not of this world, but of the spirit world and thus, would never want to hurt them with this knowledge! So acknowledge your specialness. It’s an honor. It is an honor for me to be in such company as other HSP’s. It let’s me know I am no longer alone or the only one and it also validates that other empaths and intuitives exist to the extent that they, too, feel like freaks of nature!

You are a sensitive, empathetic, intuitive being of light who senses truth. You are almost a personal lie detector aren’t you? You’ve felt odd since the beginning and knew you were not like other people. You saw how others operated and interacted with each other but picked up whether they were interacting in truth or love, or whether they were dissembling, prevariacating, or whether the relationship was one based in spirit or one based in the world.

You’ve often seen yourself gravitating to people who were odd or unusual and you empathized with their plight. You understand the purity of children and of animals and you respect the spirit of life in all things. You do not share your self with just anybody because what is the point? Most of them would not understand anyway and you’ve never been one for small talk on fluffy matters. Those times you have opened up have left you feeling hurt or vulnerable many times and you vowed you’d close down forever on more than a few occasions because you just get that you’re a social retard.

You’re not socially retarded, just socially different; Spiritually advanced perhaps yields many social differences, but don’t be so quick as to label you as the one defective or slow! You choose to speak with others who are like you and who get you and though you may’ve found a few, most people just don’t get you so you figured something was wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with you. It’s simply the equivalent of a genius trying to communicate to a two year old without knowing how to come down to the 2 yr olds level. That’s all. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with the 2 yr old being 2 is there? No, of course not! No more than there is anything *wrong* with the genius being a genius! The crime would be, however, if the genius pretended to not be one! Geniuses need to exist in order to teach others who come after them! Yes, use that analogy for the way in which you think I am intending it. :)

Take heart that even Elaine Aron did not coin this “HSP” concept. Perhaps she made the name more *mainstream* with her books with various “Highly Sensitive” terms in the title, but she was not the first. And what I am about to discuss may just very well blow your mind.

Even More Reasons your are Special

As those who belong to the SU Highly Sensitive Person’s Forum know, I make many great claims about HSP’s. I use terms like “psychic” and “empaths” and “indigo” and “chosen” and “Lightworkers.” Elaine Aron never makes any such claim to the best of my knowledge. To the best of *my* knowledge she simply claims we have an overclocked central nervous system.

I went further in my research.

The Synchronicity Comes Together: With my overclocked central nervous system and valuing the information I have learned about chakras, along with taking a test years ago that consistently revealed a “too open” crown chakra. With the dreams I would have often coming true. With revealing “feelings” of things that were going to come to pass and then they did. With my spiritual searching ever since a small child. With my deeply empathetic nature toward animals to almost an “animal-whisperer.” With having experienced paranormal things or things that happened outside the realm of normal explanation of this 3 dimensional world. With astral projection becoming normal for me and delving into chakra understanding. [And if all of this sounds weird, imagine being me!]

With all these reasons, I knew it was more than just a nervous system that could pick up all sorts of physical energy. I knew that HSP’s had a built in and seemingly involuntary system that picked up all spectrums of energy and waves of energy from the physical world into the metaphysical world.

The Seat of the Soul

I helped a friend move a couple of years ago so that when I would move November 2008, this book, Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav, continued popping up within my eyesight. Because I usually have 5 or 6 books going at any one time, it would be noteworthy to mention the uniqueness of this book that had my reading it every day before my meditations and nap.

Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav [Opens in a New Window!]As it begins on the back of the book, “The Seat of the Soul is about the birth of a new species – and the explosion of human perception past the five senses,” it brings up the Highly Sensitive Person as a “Multisensory.”

That this book was published in 1989 and goes on to describe precisely why and what the Multisensory human is about, it is the closest spiritual or metaphysical rendition of the HSP I have seen that does not end with the HSP being “an overclocked central nervous system attractor.”

If anyone has related with being a Highly Sensitive Person (in an otherwise “insensitive” world), I think that Gary Zukav willl introduce you into a whole new world with his book “The Seat of the Soul.”

Chapters entitled Evolution, Karma, Reverence and Heart from the Introduction section to the the section entitled Responsibility with chapters entitled Choice, Addiction, Relationships and Soul and the Power section with chapters called Psychology, Illusions, Power, and Trust, I knew it was a book that I had meant to read. It does not specifically use the term “HSP” but instead, uses the term “Multisensory” and I knew that as I read, it was precisely describing me and my friends.

Zukav discusses this evolution and how we, as multisensories, can come into our own.

The Insensitive World

It sometimes seems as if the world is not cut out for the more unique aspects of personalities that humans can possess. Seems “they” would rather we all fit into a nice cubbyhole cut and shaped the same size and preferably to *their* cut and size. Yes, I have noticed that people here tend to think so highly of themselves that they want everyone – and sometimes even expect! – to be like them!

hierarchy of needsThe term “normal” is over-rated. It just means “fitting in” with that bell curve that comprises most people, and societal expectations would also have us believe that happiness exists in the *normal* area. Do you agree with this? Yes, in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs we all want Social Acceptance so we look for others like us. The more we deviate from “normalcy” the harder it is to find others “like us” so thank God for the internet being a free and open media for the most part!

I am also a big believer in Abraham Maslow so that when people do not have their most basic needs or wants met, they cannnot ascend to their next need or want.

As my example has often been… If I cannot get oxygen, I am not going to worry about whether I am hungry or not. Well, like the HSP living in a non-accepting or non-understanding world, if we do not get our necessary acceptance in some fashion, how will our self-esteem ever get to the point of being okay enough in order to reach our self-actualization and finally, get on with helping others who come after us? This was *my* process!

So it’s my duty to tell you that you may never find the acceptance you need as a *different* person from the *earth people* or *normal people.* I think it was once I accepted this in my heart, that I was able to do God’s work and go out on my own to seek others like me who would accept me. I know it sounds like I skipped a Maslow step but not really. :) I had a few people in my life who *did* accept me enough and to the extent that it was a sufficient start for my self-esteem to reverse from it’s “pride in reverse” status.

And just because you may not find the acceptance you want from certain “normal” people does not mean you have to be subjected to abuses by others. If you are like me and suffered at the whims of people either making fun of you or overtly going out of their way to seemingly make you feel less than, belittled or odd, then I suggest you spend some time at the Codependent recovery section in that you learn that just because you are different, does not give anyone license to berate or belittle you!

Or if you already know about Codependent Recovery but need help with knowing how to respond to some of the words people use, or caustic manners of their speech, I would advise looking at the Words can Harm category or see the Words can Harm. Words can Heal series.

You have the God given and God spirited right to be as unique and as different as you need to be. God has blessed people – some more than others – with an exceptionally large light and if we try to quench that light for the sake of other peoples’ perceptions and hurtful words, well, for me, I realized I was going against myself, my intuitive voice, God, and the “who I am”. It’s wrong to do this on a basic level, but for me, it was life-threatening as I turned to alcohol and other harmful substances in which to keep me numb.

I hope that if you are currently hurting yourself trying to *fit* and keep your light at a “low brightness” that you reconsider and realize the resources at your disposal in which to help you be the best that you were meant to be.

Solution: So the solution for the “abnormal” [HSP, multisensory, or any other different sort of person who deviates from that dreaded “normalcy” of the bell curve] is simply accepting that not all normal people will *fill your bucket.* Then, go out and find the ones who will. We do this as intelligent beings because we know that we have work to do and should waste no more time in trying to get “normies” to understand us. They just won’t.

It’s better for them if they *accept* us because it shows they have an evolved spirit, but for us to get true acceptance to the point we’re no longer insecure about the who we are, I believe it’s imperative for us to have constant contact with others like us. Others, like us, will be behind us growing on the path we have just walked and our experience can help them, just as there will be others further along on our same path we can turn to to ask for help. And that’s how it works!

2012 Connection?We can find others by nurturing our friendships with those our intuitive voices tell us to gravitate toward, we can read authors who are “like us,” we can write of our own experiences [make a blog or a website or even longhand a letter or in your journal] so that we can communicate with our subconscious or other Highly Sensitives and feel what our subconscious is trying to tell us or get feedback from our HSP friends we meet on the internet.

2012 Connection?

Remember! Nothing happens by accident. The fact it is 2008 and the internet is freely available and that the Highly Sensitive / Multisensory / Indigo is evolving at this time and are being called to search out others is no accident. It is my belief our intuitive voice [our “God inside”] is precisely being activated now, for some reason.

I do not mean to go into vastly off and New-Age territory, as I know that’s a large pill for some [of us] to swallow, but in understanding what 2012 is *really* about and doing your own research, you can find the fascinating historical basis for the 2012 theories and also some of the more  specious hypotheses for what is allegedly going to happen on December 21 2012. Here is a Wikipedia link on 2012 and here are my 2012 tags I have compiled on Stumble. I would of course advise you to do your own research.

Here’s a brief synopsis from what I know: The ancient Mayans predicted 2012 as the end of time. Now what happens when this happens has not been solidifed. Does anything haappen? Were the Mayans wrong? Is there a conscious shift in humanity? I don’t know. But I do know that I have read theories that say the Indigo – a new type of spiritual being – has been put here in order to help the transition. [Transition of what? Souls? Evolve peoples’ minds or perceptions? To help *other* Indigos gain their footing in preparation for a future “not so insensitive world?”] I don’t know. I’m just speculating with what I have learned. Now, if you have anything to share on this, a comment is welcomed. :)


I want you to know that just because you may feel alone with your *gifts* you are not. Just because some people may not believe you or accept you due to your gifts, it does not mean you are less than. To the contrary.

Unlike us, many people in this world still think this material world is where it’s at. They are wrapped up in working or aquiring things, judging people, gossip, and all that other fluffy to negative stuff that make most multisensories quite ill. So when they judge or don’t accept you, think about the source of that judgement or non-acceptance.

Like speaks to like. The people who I really need to accept me, will. The people I don’t need to accept me, probably won’t. I have never had a problem knowing another person like me within the inside of 30 seconds. There is a reason you are repelled by some people – listen to your intuitive voice! There is equally a reason you are attracted to some people. Trying to contort yourself to get accepted by people who cannot possibly help to further your path is akin to running in the hamster wheel. And I think looking at it this way, can do good in re-positioning where your priorities need to be.

It’s my wish that we all learn the value of self-acceptance. It has been my experience that when we do accept ourselves completely, the opinions of people affect us less and less. Total freedom is being free from the opinions of other people and this is my goal. When I am achieving my goal, I can continue doing the good work that the God of my understanding / intuitive voice / highest self / spiritual self would have me do while not wasting my time on worldy endeavors.

Until next time.

Namaste my friends!



  • ronnie said:

    I enjoyed reading your post here. Equally, I was so engrossed reading your autobio -I can so relate.

    This post’s phrase particularly, hit me hard:

    “Just because some people may not believe you or accept you due to your gifts, it does not mean you are less than. To the contrary.”

    I do struggle from time to time when I am around people who can’t simply appreciate the good things in me. I stagger, but I always stand on the belief that I am more than what I am now, and even a lot better. Way better than how they perceive me.

    Thank you for a very enlightening post here Samsara

  • samsara (author) said:

    Hi Ronnie. Thank you! :) I am glad you can relate. I like hearing that. [A lot.]

    I do struggle from time to time when I am around people who can’t simply appreciate the good things in me.

    Me too. It can hurt. I have sensitive feelings and so feel the undercurrents [subtle nuances, the energy, the ‘alleged’ causes and even the ‘justified’ reasons] and am aware of a lot more than I let on.

    I stagger, but I always stand on the belief that I am more than what I am now, and even a lot better.

    I get this too. I try to practice, though, “What if this *is* my potential? Am I good enough as I am right now in this moment?” My brain may argue but my intuitive voice says a quiet but firm and resounding, “Yes. Absolutely.”

    I get where you are with that though but I remember when I used to beat myself up for my past mistakes. I used to then think I was worthy of nothing. This is not hyperbole. If a person disliked me, fine. If they could just let me go on about in my self-loathing all would be well.

    But then a smart lady told me to quit knocking who I was in the past because it was still me. She would say, “You may know better and know differently, but that does not mean you were LESS worthy – back then – of love and respect.”

    It touched me deeply and so today when I want to look back on the old me, I don’t do it with judgement and fervor. I do it with kindness and compassion.

    Way better than how they perceive me.

    …and THAT’s what it is. Their perception. Their mitote. [Their dream of the world.] If who we are does not line up with *their* shoulds or “ought to’s ” it’s on them.

    And how sad for them that they would choose to create such a limited world that we [thoughtful, fun, special, and creative and imaginative people] cannot be a part of. They’re missing out on so many possibilities that people like us could introduce them to – so this is why I think it’s terribly sad.

    Not for me so much. Yes it can hurt sometimes but it’s not the daily living hurt that I used to have when I was busy trying to pretend to be *like them.* Instead my sadness is relegated to their choices. Not how I am or who I am. Not anymore.

    And as long as your perception of yourself is positive, truly, this is all that matters. And if it wavers a little bit, that still shouldn’t knock you off guard because consciously you know you are still worthy of love and respect. :)

    Thank you Ronnie.

  • 84735 said:

    :) Samsara :) Love what you’ve shared with us all ! Change is underway and the golden age is coming …. Wish we all find what we seek and spread the message of peace and love all through the cosmos !

    ” Follow your Bliss “

  • samsara (author) said:

    Dear 84735 – You know…I added you as an EC favorite. Your little nook of cyberspac is just so touching! Inspirational and uplifting really. Especially the bright color and busy-ness. It’s very friendly! :)

    I encourage folks to visit: Psychadelic Adventure

  • Michael said:

    I’m an HSP, and I quited being “normal” a long ago. It seems that when people get to certain age, such acceptance does not matter. Either that, or they just give up. I’m like that.

  • samsara (author) said:

    I think I can agree with that. It’s like after a period of time…with age and wisdom [maybe?] that living for yourself just becomes more important. Thanks for that insight of your experience Michael. :)

  • Lea said:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Sometimes its hard to remember that not being understood or finding people that you can relate to and who can relate to you, doesn’t mean your deficient or defective. That it could mean others around you haven’t caught up to you yet. Many blessings

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