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I Wanted Some Light Colored Yoga Pants

Tarot Magick Yoga Pants by TeekiSpecifically, I wanted some lighter in pattern color yoga pants and maybe it’s because we’re moving into warmer weather and because I got into a conversation with a friend who loves shopping and picked up some yoga pants. Have you noticed that light colored yoga pants are hard to find off the rack of usual stores? I have.

She: “I picked up some yoga pants.”
Me: “Where?”
She: “Kohl’s.”
Me: “I go to online Kohl’s. I hate shopping.”
She: “You do? I love shopping!”

Me: “Do they have any light colored yoga pants yet?”
She: “No! And why are most yoga pants always so dark?”
Me: “I don’t know. I’m going to find some though.”

It occurred to me in that moment that I wanted yoga pants and in lighter colors, desperately. I didn’t have a single pair of light colored yoga pants or even light patterned yoga pants. But I LOVE wearing light colors – and when I say ‘light colors’ I mean not vibrant, bolds, or shades of grey or blacks – and think that in years past, I’d just give up looking for cute ones in the usual shops. I decided this would be my newest mission.

I have dark patterned yoga pants with deep orange flowers and dark green stems, and abstract patterns of dark green and blues on black, dark pink, purple and white shapes on black, shades from heather to dark grey and, naturally, black and a deep red with black texture marks. But I have no muted, warm, cool, softer, pastel, or light colored yoga pants and I’d been feeling extraordinarily ‘lighter’ lately.

After coming online to Kohl’s and finding nothing, I took to the library of the Google.

Teeki Description Tarot Magick on Amazon

Enter Tarot Magick

The soft colors of tribal patterned pastels; the light baby blue that looked textured with even lighter tints of blue among bands of crinkle textured soft pinks, peaches, and lavender. Reminding me of a sunset from a desert canyon, I loved them.

After noticing the price (first) but then reading the description of the eco friendly Teeki, I loved learning that they made their pants from recycled plastic bottles.

Tarot Magick on Amazon - Light colored yoga pants with a tribal designTruly loving this desert-sunset Navajo-reminiscent pattern and lighter colors combination, and that they’re made eco-consciously, I still contemplated for a couple days due to the price and also due to not knowing the Teeki brand’s sizing habits. I’m a cusper in Yoga pants, able to be an XS or a S depending upon fabric type, stretch, and brand.

I purchased from Amazon, which had the best price I could find at the time for $74 (USD) + Tax which ended up at a pricey-for-me $80.

Check them here: Teeki Magick Yoga Pants

With great anticipation after purchasing, I grew excited. I never spend that kind of money on wearables, so this must have been love, and only do it when in high want-need of a thing. I especially dislike having to buy active wear because it’s harder to justify to myself the (mere shopping time and especially higher monetary) cost associated with only a ‘rarely wear’ item. Even if these were one of two pairs of yoga pants I owned, I’d only be wearing them a couple of hours every two days.

So, yes, love. Looking forward to receiving these beautiful pants, wearing these beautiful pants, feeling these beautiful pants, and justifying the lunacy of the price of these beautiful pants, they arrived.

Experiencing Tarot Magick Yoga Pants

They arrived and I put them on immediately to check the fit. Right away, I noticed how soft they felt on my legs. The colors, much more muted than the original photo showed, were lovelier and more subtle in 3D.

Teeki Tarot Magick - Real Color Photo versus Marketing Photo Colors

Are there a pair of Tarot Magick yoga pants that really do have the colors as shown on the right? I don’t know but other reviewers on Amazon seemed to have noticed to the point of comment as well. But, for me, I can understand how someone would want the colors as pictured only to be disappointed.

One could say, “But monitors, depending upon settings, display colors differently,” and that’s very true and something to be aware of. However, in this case, notice the brown band around my leg and then compare that to the purple band around the advertisement photo. That’s a color difference, not a misinterpretation-due-to-monitor difference.

But, again, I loved the real-world colors better.

The End of the Magic

It pained my heart, my next discoveries.

It pained me so much for a future of what could have been, that I kept them in their bag (ready for ship-back) just to offer my brain a chance to change its mind. Have you ever tried to talk a part of your mind into a decision that you want, while completely of the understanding that you’re being ridiculous? That was me for two days.

  • Density: They were see through; No feminine liner.
  • Cut: The waist felt like pants were half up / half down.
  • Size: Larger than any other too large Small I’d ever experienced.
  • Support: Lacking. Lots of stretch. May’ve been solved w/ XS.

My Tarot Magick Amazon Review

My review on Amazon offers more explanation and, in the case of photographic evidence, maybe too much. I don’t want to get into the same detailed explanation, so feel free to have a look.

Tarot Magick - My Honest and Immodest Review on Amazon

Conclusion & Ideas

Before purchasing, I should have looked at Teeki’s size chart rather than Amazon’s sizing chart. According to Teeki’s size chart –

“79% Recycled P.E.T. / 21% Spandex * These pants have generous stretch so when in doubt order a size down.”

This makes me happy to know they know of the generous stretch and do suggest a smaller size. But I am now less confident that even an XS would work for me. Based on how much excess I had already gathered on my legs and waist it’s hardly reasonable an XS could fit me snugly. For other would-be consumers of the Hot Pant, let this be a public service advisement to start with a smaller than you might normally be.

Dear Teeki

Besides the see-through transparency that I can’t move past, I read several reviews commenting on the waist coming down in vinyasa. The waist was excessively bunched on me and already felt half on and off without vinyasa so I’m assuming their pants were fitting them to start with. Please consider a more supportive weave or opaque density at least in the waist, hip and buttock area.

  • I truly want to support your eco-conscious practices.
  • I lovingly long to feel your light and soft yoga pants.
  • I earnestly yearn to wear your beautiful designs.

At the same time, I most sincerely desire the privacy of my butt-crack, my genitalia, and my panty colors.

If you, reader, find or know of light colored yoga pants

Please let me know which brands or patterns you love or if you might think I’d like them. If you’ve purchased a Teeki Hot Pant, which Teeki Hot Pant is NOT see-through? If you’re an XS/S cusper, would you let me know if Teeki’s XS works great for you? This questing for the perfect lighter patterned yoga pant isn’t over.



  • Marine said:

    I have had some luck with green apple brand, they are made with bamboo and are super soft. I actually found a long pair and capri pair in light heather grey at TJ Maxx ( and I paid 14.99 for 60.00 pants!) and I have literally had them for 8 years. There is one small hole in one of them, but they have no pilling, and heres the best part-I was 115 lbs when I bought them( I am pretty tall and was extremely anorexic from battling a wicked psychic attack from a very imbalanced individual who crossed my path) they are a size small- I am well healed at up to 145 more appropriate weight for my height with exception of a pre menopause belly of course- and while all other pants I own are med/large, these green apple pants fit just as well without being too revealing or overstretched! Magic pants? Maybe. They are almost like being naked with the benefit of being public appropriate! Id check the brand out, ebay sometimes has some, Im all about the recycle and overstock economy, particularly if I am unsure of the working conditions of people making my clothes. I know those bamboo are earth friendly, but I am unsure about their labor practices. I am sensitive to the origin of my wearables as well as consumables as if I am absorbing any emotions transferred from the energy. I always cleanse second hand anyway, and if I cant support a sustainable/b corporation/local artisan/or fair labor enterprise, I like to give my money to individuals selling gently worn goods to help them, goodwill or humane society thrift shops, or like I said TJ maxx types where they are looking to sell overproduction( sadly you would think unsold would be donated to the needy, or sent to fabric recycling,but far too often way over season is thrown in the garbage after awhile! Sorry for the ramble! So thats just my brand suggestion,or even maybe american apparel if they are still making pants.

  • Samsara (author) said:

    Marine, Hi! Thanks for commenting!

    Insofar as gently worn clothes, I have since discovered the love of Poshmark! I admit though, the inability to return them (if worn) has me a little loathe to try to actually purchase gently used yoga pants though I’d have no issue buying New.

    I am a big fan of TJ Maxx online, too. The most local brick and mortar is not really close to me and their selection is lacking. After I find a good size in any one brand, I tend to stay with that brand and thanks to TJ Maxx online, as well as YogaOutlet, I have been able to find (and return if necessary for a better size) great pants at reasonable prices.

    I still see so many cute Teeki’s but the sizing being so very off and continuing to read similar reviews about smaller people having a problem with the waist has my putting them on the back-burner for now.

    HardTail is a different story. Oh my gosh. If you love cotton (and I do particularly in the colder months) yoga pants, wow. They do tend to pill a little bit but if I were to wash them gently and air dry them I think this may not be a problem.

  • Samsara (author) said:

    PS> Forgot to say thanks for the information about Green Apple Brand. Their prices look quite reasonable and who doesn’t love yoga pants that can last and last w/o pilling? :)

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